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Out of Office - Never again!


After only 2 days activating Out of Office, my sales on all gigs dropped by 95%, btw im a top-rated seller with more than 16 500 Reviews…

So this is just one big warning to everyone

Does Out of Office affect my Gig ranking?
Depends, the longer the duration you are not active, the higher the chances for your Gigs to lose ranking, as they are not performing like other Gigs."

Anyone had a similar experience?



If you are out of office there is no point to Fiverr to show your gigs to anyone.

Once you are back it will take some time to get the ranking but it will happen eventually.

Most of the sellers who used OOO claim it took some time to get same level, but it went back for all.

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Marina, i’m TRS since 2014 i know how it works, still droping in sales for 95% for 2 days OOF is ridiculous.

Went on a cruise and activated OOO for 8 days. What I did before my vacation was add my returning clients and new potential clients who all inquired about having work done, to my personal queue. When I returned and went back online, I hit them up and told them I was ready to work. I got 3 orders within a couple days which helped get me back on track.


We are not on same road, i activate OOO because i was overbooked with orders, just wanted to mention how hard it can affect on gig position in search.

I understand we aren’t in the same road, I just wanted to mention my experience using OOO. Maybe extending your delivery time to something ridiculous would’ve helped. Either way whatever, thanks for sharing.


I was recently on OOO mode for a month !!
From 1st of August to 31 Aug, and when I was back Inquires started coming my ways again in just couple of days !

here is what I did, i kept working on very small orders that I could handle in 20-30 minutes , and I kept doing it for like 10 days , later I accepted couple of large orders with long dead line from my old clients and stop accepting others !

My gigs went down with 0 impressions YES !
but when I came back on 31 AUG, there was no difference ! I started receiving orders again…Next day I search my gig on first page 1st place again…

So yes, I think its totally fine to go for OOO mode !


Then I do not understand. oOO is not to be used for this purpose. For that we have limit the number of orders. oOO means to Fiverr you are not available to work, at all.

In 2014 you had 29-50000 designers in competition, today you have over 180000. There are no second chances in logo design today on Fiverr. You drop the ball once and it is going to collapse majorly.

I am actually thinking of deleting both of my logo gigs since that section is going bananas.

Everyone knows going on vacation drops your impressions and your sales. It’s OK, it will climb back up.

Demotions are far worst. A level demotion can cut your sales in half, maybe 75%. The good news is sometimes your old customers remember you. They don’t need to find you in the search results.

Some sellers ignore the level system and just market their gigs all over the place. It’s not my thing, but I respect them.


Acutely there is an option in OOO for “overbooked”, every time i used OOO in past gigs stays stable and this time is different, i think they change something in the algorithm in last update

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Oh, they definitely changed things during GIG analytics N/A time.

Never in last three years when I searched for logo have I got full first page filled with TRS and PRo sellers.

I monitor that section frequently and what is happening in last week never happened before, not even rotation of gigs is the same. I know what sellers are always on first page. Now it is completely different story.

Plus you have a large amount of Level 2 sellers with ability to use promotion. I bet at least 10000 is using that so the competition is crazy. Your gig could be on page 40 or even further.

Perhaps the system came to the conclusion that you were getting too many orders, so that’s why your sales were reduced?

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Thanks a lot dear. Really helpful.

I take a vacation every 2-4 months and it has affected the ranking every time.

In my experience, the gig bounces back quicker if you have some orders coming in immediately when you’re back. You can reschedule and ask people to place orders on a certain date when you’re ready. If there are no new orders to give you boost, it can take a few weeks.

I don’t consider it critical, though. We’re humans, we need to rest and a few slower weeks help me to get back in shape more smoothly.

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I’ve used OOO a good number of times ( usually I’m away for 3~5 days, the longest being a week), and me personally I’ve never had a problem with it.
The moment I am back I usually get an order or a message fairly quickly, so I’ve never
went and checked where my gigs appear after I am out from OOO mode.

I do remember getting worried at first yeeeears ago when I first read posts about OOO affecting your gig ranking, but since nothing bad happened to me I’ve never bothered worrying about it.

…Maybe I was just lucky???


I was on OOO mode for a solid year because I was working a full-time job in advertising. I tried to juggle both Fiverr and work for a month and gave up soon because I knew I’d lose my head trying to meet both sets of deadlines. Now I’m in-between jobs so I took off my OOO mode two months ago and sales have been pretty decent so far. Of course, I’ve had to rebuild my customer base, try my hand at Buyers Requests as well as connect with old contacts, so there’s been a fair bit of work involved. But in my experience, it definitely does affect the ranking.

However, if you have to switch on OOO mode, I’d say do it - or else, the repercussions from not doing that could maybe be even worse (if you have a personal emergency, too many sales than you can handle, mental health setbacks, etc).

I used OOO last year in September 2019. and dropped from 200 sales a month to 20, and still try to get back on track.

Can we activate OOO, if we have a running order? What happens to the active orders when you are out of office? Can we contact our buyers during this time?


Sure you can activate it anytime, orders stay and you have to complete them before regular deadline. And yes you can contact buyers normaly.

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I was thinking the same thing about myself. Literally what happened to you a month ago occured with me.

I was overloaded with orders and pretty exhausted and decided to take 2 days off at the start of September. After deactivating OOO my gigs have vanished completely from the search. I have tried searching for my gigs from multiple PCs and I have found nothing on 20+ pages. Please note that I am also a TRS and losing sales is a threat to my business.

I have tried changing Keywords, gig description and contacting CS but all efforts were in vain.

I’m curious to hear your take on this if you regain your ranking!