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Out of Office Option


I’m going to be going away on vacation for a week at the end of the month. I’d like to be able to set an ‘out of office’ message both on any new gigs and on any messages I get in my inbox.

I know I get at least a message or two in my inbox asking me questions about my gigs. I’d like to be able to have it automatically reply saying something like, "I’m on vacation until April 3rd, but will be ready to get to get back to work when I get back. Here’s some answers to frequently asked questions about my gig, but please feel free to order now and I’ll have it delivered by April 6th"

Or something like that.

Also, Having it auto-notify new orders saying something like, "Thanks for the order. I’m currently on vacation and won’t get any messages until April 3rd. Don’t worry, however, I will be reviewing all orders as soon as I’m back and I’ll have them all delivered by the due date or before"

Anyone else think this would be helpful?


Yeah, that’s what I plan on doing, but I think having an ‘out of the office’ option would be a more ‘professional’ way and also give you more room to put in exactly what you want it to say.

Nothing major, just a little improvement I was hoping for.