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Out of Office problem

As Fiverr has been pretty consistent for me the last few months I’ve been able to work full time every day, 7 days a week. I’ve been happy to do this to build up my ratings and reviews, but it’s left me no time for anything else. As a music producer I need to return to work on my own projects so I’ve decided to work on Fiverr gigs 5 days a week and keep 2 days for my own music.

The last few weeks I’ve set Fiverr to Out of Office every weekend, then back to work on a Monday. Every time I set it back online I get no orders or enquiries for at least a few days. I feel like somehow Fiverr is penalising me for switching to Out of Office to put me off doing this, as usually I have constant work and enquiries coming in.

I’m really not sure what to do going forward, as I need 2 days off a week without distraction, but if Fiverr penalises me due to using Out of Office, I will end up not being able to take enough work during the week.

Has anyone else had a negative experience with Out of Office and is there a way to take time out without experiencing these problems?


If you are only away for the weekend, why don’t you extend your delivery days instead of going out of office? For example, I’ve been away since sunday, so I extended my delivery to 4 days (and now it’s back to normal because I’m about to return).

But if I go away for like a week, I go out of office, whether my account is affected or not.


I have experience that several time…
Recently I had set out of office on for 15 days and later it took almost a month to start over new orders…but again I was over booked and had to turn on vacation mode on…I am still out of office :smiley: but yes thats true that happens


This could be a good idea. The one thing I liked with Out of Office was I was being left alone and not distracted which was very important to me to focus on my work. With extended delivery times I would still be contacted with enquiries. I will consider doing this if I can’t find a better option so thanks!


I don’t understand why Fiverr would penalise you for taking time away, whatever the reason is. Surely they should be keen for you to get back to work and take orders. I guess it’s to put people off from taking time out, but there are some people like myself who need this time for other things.

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there are lots of stories on forum about fiverr Algorithm !
may be that algorithm is responsible for this, I guess we are loosing search ranking when we are out of office and later when we come back it start getting its original position back, but still not sure thats just my thought !

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I agree, it must be the algorithm that causes this. There are options for overbooked, vacation or other, so I might test the different options out to see if I get different results. If I get the same problem with all 3 then I’ll have to look at other options like extend delivery time like @zerlina84 suggested or maybe raises prices significantly for the time I need to be away.


Just increase your delivery time to 4 days every Friday. It’s never a good idea to use out of office mode for weekend as you would miss many orders and also lose the momentum. Remember on Fiverr its all about momentum. So by putting out of office mode you are missing good buyers. You never know, the one buyer that could have bought your gig on those out of office days might have given you lot of projects.

Out of office is only to be used when you want 2 weeks plus off. You can even set your normal delivery to 4 days instead of 2. But the problem is your mind would be occupied with the order that comes on those weekends

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This is best idea. Raise prices.

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First thing is: you’re working on fiverr 5days in a week and you spend another 2days of your own music. for example : you got order wednesday or thursday. so you can extend your deliver time. and one more thing is: you can just ON away or offline mode from your smartphone…

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I’d forgotten about being able to set to ‘offline’ so thanks for the reminder!

@mercurianus @marinapomorac both great ideas to consider. The one thing I loved about OOO mode, was not receiving messages as well as orders during this time, as I don’t like messages to go unanswered, but they can also be a distraction.

Then you have a tough decision to make - lose Fiverr or lose weekends.

I am sorry but if you are going for vacation or leave you must put yourself on out of office. Because if you have a active order then it may require to communicate regarding orders with your buyers.

Please take an assistant. he or she helping you

If you have an active order you are able to send and receive messages from the buyer (and any person who has messaged you before), whether you are out of office or not.

The only thing it prevents is a new order being placed and being contacted by a new person.