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Out of Office ruined my gig analytics

Hi all, it’s been about 2 weeks since I used out of office mode for just two days whilst I was moving. I was used to having 2000 impressions a day on my highest rated gig, and 6-10 orders a day consistently.

After using OOO, I’m aware that my gig dropped off the search pages, but I assumed the impressions and clicks would slowly rise back up, but they’re decreasing. My clicks are now around 0-4 a day, and I’ve had 1 order since being back 2 weeks (from a returning buyer). So I’m concerned no one is seeing my gig. Really kicking myself for using OOO mode, I’ll simply increase delivery times in the future. But I’m afraid my analytics won’t rise for weeks now. Will appreciate anyones opinion on this matter! Any advice?