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Out of scope orders

This is really frustrating that I had to cancel 3 orders in 2 days as the buyers directly placed the orders but their project requirements are not within my scope of works.

  1. Client ordered for blog post images, now saying needs unique illustrations.
  2. Client provided an image and asked me to take the texts from the image where as it was clearly mentioned in my gig requirements that texts must be provided by them.
  3. This is the most hilarious one! Client ordered for a carousel creation but asked me to remove the background of a man in the space and add stars around him.

Now my order completion rate has decreased to 89%. What should I do?

Thanks in advance!


Well, without knowing what those conversations were like there’s only so much I can say, but did you consider looking for solutions? Possibly asking for an extension, or charging extra so you can outsource the work that they were asking for, or even both?

I think you could’ve outsourced the work if you had gotten them to agree to paying extra and getting an extension on the delivery date, and for the last one, it would’ve been as simple as installing GIMP and spending 10-15 minutes freehanding the selection and deleting the background.

Again, there’s only so much I can say without all of the information, but it sounds like you brokedown when you hit a wall. Next time fix the problem, don’t just look at it.

Lastly, maybe look into your tags, sound like your gig is getting attention from people who need a bit more than what you provide, so you could be getting placed somewhere you shouldn’t be.

Good luck!

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The third client provided me with this link

And asked me to remove the background. Yes, I know how to remove a background, but this is not the service I am providing.

Even the search tags are also ok.

It’s really unfortunate that this happens sometimes! I had some cancellations where the buyers placed the order without talking to me first, and expected me to do a 3 day job for $20 and refused to negotiate.

This led to me missing out on being a level one seller, which sucked.

My advice is just try to complete some cheap and cheerful jobs to get your percentage back up, luckily 89% still really isn’t that bad and one or two orders should bump it right back up :slight_smile: good luck!

Yes, 89% is not that bad. But I am just 4 days away from being a level 2 and now this happens.

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