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Out of scope work

Hi all! A buyer has requested a gig from me, but upon review of their documents submitted they are asking for work that is WAY of scope and would cost more than 10$.

I have opened a dispute and offered the buyer a counter-offer to complete the work.
But if they refuse I will want to cancel this gig altogether. (I will not analyze and write and opinion piece about a document of hundreds of pages, when my gig is to summarize a few pages)

I know from the Fiverr Help section, that the buyer must respond within 48 hours or the order is automatically canceled.
What happens if the buyer refuses the dispute? Will the order also be canceled? OR do I need to resubmit a request to cancel the order?

Anyone been through something similar lately?

If the buyer declines the request to cancel the order continues as normal, and it might go late depending on when they decline it. You could then either re-request to cancel, maybe giving more reasons or a further explanation, or maybe re-offer a price, or maybe contact CS through the help desk to see if they will cancel it for you since the buyer didn’t pay the required price (you could also ask if they can cancel it without it affecting your stats). Another option is to do and deliver the work anyway but if it’s much too many pages (and take much too long to go through) that probably wouldn’t be worth it.

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Thanks @uk1000! :blush::pray: Appreciate the advice!

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