⏵⏵⏵ Out of the Search for more than 24H⏴⏴⏴



Recently, I’ve updated my gig preview - since then I dissappeared from the search in my category. What can I do to return to the SERP? I was on the second position!

Thanks in advance

Arthur Borsuk


It can take a couple of days sometimes. And if you are unlucky, even longer! I believe the current record is a couple of years, but usually it’s from days to months if it’s not instant. It’s worth asking support about it too if it takes longer than 48 hours. Usually they only copypaste that it’s not permanent and that you must wait, but sometimes they do investigate it and restore it back to where it was. :grinning:


Well, seems like updating gig description and details becomes a lottery :smile:


Right you are! That’s why it’s never adviced to update a gig, if it’s not broken! Apparently even clicking the edit button without changing anything or clicking the save button is considering editing the gig.


:smiley: we should have record thread for that! My “conscious record” is 7 days, after that, my patience ran thin and I wrote a ticket. No idea, of course, how long my “unconscious record” (gig gone from search without me noticing) might be. :wink:

After my 7-day experience, I wouldn’t recommend waiting too long, 24-48 hours max, especially since Fiverr raised the fees for better support, maybe 3 days over the weekend, but then better contact them, so they can nudge it if it got stuck somehow.


But how can I contact Fiverr support directly? Can you please tell?


Use the “Help” link when you click or hover your profile picture in the top menu bar, or the link in the footer of all fiverr.com pages, and click through the help center until you arrive at the “Still need help? Contact us” or something button to send a ticket.


Oh, I should have think of it by myself. Thank you!