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Out of topic orders. Order Completion Rate. Terrible UX


I still don’t understand why Fiverr don’t allow seller to refuse an order?
We should be allowed to say no to any order without affecting our order cancellation.
Order cancellation should be if you accept it, the client pay, and then you choose to cancel it later.

What if I do coding and a client comes and ask me to draw a face or write a book, and already started the order? What if a client ask me to build a real spaceship and a space station for 100$ ? I am penalized because the client doesn’t know what he’s doing ?

There is no options in the gig to accept “custom orders” only? That would be one easy fix. A lot of sellers need to quote a project before starting it.

My gig has very few orders of high value. I had only one auto order totally out of topics and out of budget (even though i say to contact me in my description). So I had to cancel the order. Now Im at 85% order completion and demoted from level 1. ??

Terrible UX. This needs to be fixed asap.
Thank you.


I really agree with you on this matter. Today a buyer Just order my basic gig of $5 and gave work of $50. That’s really painful. Had to complete the order otherwise my cancellation rate would increase.


At least its just 45$ difference. I had someone expect 10000$+ work for 200$. Thats just impossible.


Buyers being able to place orders without contacting the seller is what sets Fiverr apart from other platforms. Buyers come to Fiverr because they can place an order without waiting for the seller to be online.

That being said, I do not like that order by mistake type orders count against the seller. Neither do I approve of buyers taking advantage of sellers by placing an order and expecting the seller to over deliver.

I will always cancel these types of orders. If I lose my level, then I lose my level. I will not be blackmailed to do more work than my gig says I will.


There are good differentiations and bad differentiations.
This is bad because placing an order without contacting, for some specific gigs, just means you won’t get what you want and its bad for everyone.

Fiverr already differentiate from ALL the other platforms out there by just allowing the seller to CHAT with the buyer before starting any order. This is SOO important for business in any complex orders that requires deeper investigation, like asking questions.

Right now there are absolutely NO platforms other than Fiverr that allows the buyer and seller to chat before starting an order. On Guru and Freelancer and Upwork you need to apply in a one-way direction, and the seller has no way to discuss the project in a two-way conversation before being selected. THIS IS in my opinion a very good differentiation and a thing that Fiverr does better. While having random orders that are out of topics are NOT.

Just let the seller choose if they want auto orders or not. Because if they choose not too its because there is a good reason and the buyer would not get what they want. Which negates your argument.


Or maybe someone needs to create a new platform that is just like Fiverr but for higher range-gigs. The kind of range that REALLY needs a quote. Fiverr seems to be designed around 5-50$ gigs. While im more in the 300-1000$ range usually. Auto orders definitely don’t work in that range since some people could expect months of work for just a few hundred.

Other platforms are just worst because you need to apply to each job one by one. And it takes too much of your time. Also no way to ask questions before you quote on other platforms which is ridiculous. I think Fiverr is the only one that is designed around buyers find sellers instead of the opposite. I would need such a platform for higher-range gigs. If anyone needs a new business idea and make money. There is definitely a need for that :wink:


I have been also demoted for the same reason .Fiverr should change this system.


Think of it this way, if you go into your local McDonald’s restaurant, walk up to the counter, and the person working there refuses to take your order, how would you feel? Similarly, how would you feel if you walked into a store, selected your items for purchase, and then the person at the checkout counter refused to let you buy those items – just because they didn’t feel like ringing up your purchase… how would you feel?

These examples would reflect poorly on McDonald’s or that store. In the same way, allowing a seller to flat-out refuse an order sets a dangerous standard that could easily be misused. Yes, being able to say no to a “wrong order” might be helpful, but how does Fiverr distinguish such a feature between legitimate “wrong orders”, and a nefarious seller refusing an order for other inappropriate reasons? Establishing a feature that allows a seller to say no to any order is a dangerous preposition, and, I imagine, this may be why Fiverr hasn’t instituted it.

Again, though, as I’ve stated many time before here on the forums, this is not how Fiverr is intended to work. Fiverr is unique in that it is a retail services website. This freelance site is intentionally not like others. Services are available as retail-style gigs, where the buyer can select what they need, and place an order on the spot. Sure, custom orders are an option if a buyer wants to pursue an altered service from the ones listed, however, the intention is shop-and-hire. That’s what makes Fiverr the unique site that it is.

I doubt Fiverr will ever be an “accept custom orders only” kind of freelance website. That’s just not how it was designed to function. If a buyer needs a quote for altered gig services, they can easily send you a message and open a dialogue. There doesn’t need to be a new feature for something that can easily be done via message.


You can try putting $1000 as a starting price on all of your gigs, and explain in the gig description that those who contact you first will get a discounted price.

Not many buyers would just click on “order now” with that kind of price.


Hi Marc, you say you canceled one totally out of topic order which brought you down to 85%. Have you tried showing that order to support, asking them to cancel it, or another recent order, before canceling it yourself?
Quite a few sellers lately did post that support cancelled orders for them without it affecting their completion rate, or at the least telling them to write again in case such a cancellation would lead to a level drop at the next evaluation date, when the cancellation clearly wasn’t the fault of the seller.
I’m not sure why people choose to cancel themselves in such a situation instead of at least making support aware of such cases and in the best case have it not harm their rating.


I definitely agree with the fact that a feature like this could be abused. My concern more lies with the fact that cancellation rates affect your account status at all. It’s such an arbitrary figure and is dependent on too many variables (unlike response time and completion rate). There are SO MANY reasons to cancel an order. I feel like a lot of the problems would go away if they did not count it within your level stats. I mean, it’s a nice figure to have in analytics, but that’s about it.



Well, if I order spaghetti and seafood at McDonald, they will most likely refuse my order.
If I go to a toy store and order a real spaceship (instead of a toy one), because I didn’t read the description. They will most likely refuse my order.

I don’t know if it happened to you before. But I’ve been refused to many high-end restaurant before because they DID NOT have any table available. I think its ok in any industry to refuse an order there are many reason to do so.

And you are taking just fixed price examples, but I was talking about choices, because not all industries work with fixed prices. Take a custom software dev company for example. They will refuse many orders because the client doesnt have the budget, has the wrong expectations, or they are just rude clients to work with. You may want to take 5 min to sell a burger to a rude client. But you will not work months with a client you don’t like.

Im not saying Fiverr wasnt originally designed to be fixed gig and low price. Im just saying it has the opportunity to evolve and take a part in the market that no one has, before competitors do.

“If a buyer needs a quote for altered gig services, they can easily send you a message and open a dialogue. There doesn’t need to be a new feature for something that can easily be done via message.”

Yes they can do, but they don’t always do. Thats the whole point of my post. Why does Fiverr penalize a seller for buyers actions? This is 100% out of sellers control.


I did contact the support and they were really “not” helpful by saying they can’t do anything (basically saying they don’t care).


Yes, there are. However, cancellations were severely abused in the past. Basically, whenever a seller felt that the rating they’d get wouldn’t be to their liking, they would cancel the order, and then there were many angry buyers stating that they couldn’t trust ratings, because they ordered from a seller with all 5 stars, the seller cancelled minutes before the deadline, and they couldn’t rate their awful experience.


I think the best solution is to explicitelyy tell you buyers to CONTACT YOU BEFORE PURCHASE both in your gig description and FAQs.

That might reduce the rate of order cancellations a bit.


Sorry to hear that, I can only say that they were very helpful with my two last cancellations, one of which was a “totally out of topic” order too, one an accidental double order.
Maybe there was something else they saw when looking into the case, or maybe they weren’t aware you wanted them to cancel the order for you and thought there was still the possibility that you can settle it with your buyer somehow. I’ve had issues before where either they didn’t get me the first time or I maybe didn’t explain clearly enough and it took another round of posts for them to understand what I wanted.
Hard to tell “from outside” why sometimes sellers seem to get different results for the same issue, as we never know the exact circumstances and exchanged messages here.

I’m wondering, you say you’re now demoted, demotions only take place around every 15th of each month, as far as I’m aware, did you mean you were demoted December 15 or that you think you’ll be demoted January 15? If the latter, you could try talking to them again briefly before the 15th and see if they can do something for you.

Good luck, anyway.


Many sellers do this already, and yet if you read the Forum regularly, you will see the sellers say the buyers do not read the gig description and order anyway.


Thank you very much miiila for your help.

Yes im not demoted yet but I would be on the 15.
I already contacted them and they do not want to help.

I also wrote in my gig description that they should contact me before placing an order.

I think im more concerned about improving Fiverr than my personal case. I just see it as a clear improvement and hope Fiverr will take action on it somehow. Allowing the seller to check a box for custom orders only would avoid a lot of issues. Its not good for the buyer either if they expect the wrong thing from an order. It may be good for some gig but for others, especially higher range, its not. Its just a bad design and we should have the choice.


Fiverr is setup for 1 problem, 1 solution jobs.

Seller should really define exactly what they are selling. The customer should have a clear understanding of what the delivery will be before they begin. That is how Fiverr was created.

This makes creative jobs difficult.

If I let customers automatically place a video order, it costs me $50.00. If I have to custom quote or build individual quotes, that same video costs me $300.00.

This makes Fiverr a great savings for buyers if they are willing to do the work and act as a project manage or producer - not a consumer.


Of course they can demote anyone at any time, but the level demotion due to the ratings is linked to the Evaluation Day (around the 15th, for some people it’s the 14th, for some the 16th, and you have to figure in a day because of timezones and also for things to be applied and take effect) and the demotion you saw on the 18th probably is the result of your account evaluation from the 15th, unless there was another reason for the demotion than the kind Marc is talking about (less than 90% order completion rate in his case).
ToS violations, for example, most probably can lead to instant demotions, even if it’s the 2nd or 27th or whatever, I’m aware of that, but thank you for your concern even though I am not your mate, and for that reminder of the fragility of life, the universe and everything. :rainbow:

Yes, I know, that’s a much-discussed issue, I have that in my description as well for certain things, and many sellers do, but as we all know, buyers don’t read or follow suit always.

What I wrote meant your case but also this issue generally, as there was a phase after the implementation of the level evaluation system, where absolutely all canceallations were counted in the completion rate, while lately, several sellers have posted about support cancelling orders for them without it affecting their rate, so that seemed to hint at that they are starting to treat cancellations in a more differentiated way again (there were posts that indicated they are working on it too), so fingers crossed that improvement is already and will be there.

I understood that you already contacted them, but what I suggested is contact them again, because people literally have been told by support to write again just before the evaluation date if a cancellation they agreed was not the fault of the seller would in fact lead to level demotion because they can reset the level. There are unfortunately so many posts with relevant keywords that I can’t spend the time to find the actual quotes neither the ones saying that Fiverr is aware of the issue and working on an improvement.

Yes, it’s a general, not just your personal, issue and talked about all the time, sometimes with ideas on how to improve the system like in this recent rant but as this is in Your Fiverr Experience and not Site Suggestions, I had hoped my posts might help you to avoid the demotion if you hadn’t contacted them already. If you think they already understood the issue perfectly and still wouldn’t help, or you don’t want to contact them again, of course, I get that.

I also get that people won’t stop bringing up issues they see or things they perceive as issue, as long as they persist or seem to persist, for the benefit of everyone (hopefully), I do that too, quite a lot. :wink:

I do know the situation of one single event which isn’t even your fault dropping your rate a lot, and how that feels like, I’m not really a high volume seller myself, I’ve seen one of my rates drop from 100% to 86% before. Which is why I try to be very precise and if needed and I have the feeling that the support agent didn’t quite understand my point or didn’t read thoroughly, will write again if I feel it might not be a lost cause and when it seems worth it. I’ve had situations where a support agent agreed they had missed something in my first message and then reacted to it in the second. It happens, we’re all human.

Fingers crossed for you, and for us all, in either case, that there will be a better cancellation system implemented that will lead to a fair solution and help to avoid involving support at all in “clearly not seller’s fault” cases, it’s not as if I didn’t have better things to do than write tickets, I clearly need my time to write forum posts. :wink: