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Outbox restricted - Can't send any massages



From last few hours, as soon as I click on green “send” button, the page gets refreshed, and I could not see my sent message in the conversation.

I have not received any warning or mail regarding this happening nor experience such behavior ever before.

Have not done anything wrong for sure which is against Fiverr TOS. I wonder what’s wrong?

Anyone who could let me know it is a bug or there is something wrong from my side?



This happened a few times before - it’s either a temporary glitch, or there’s something wrong with your browser cache.

So, you should first try clearing your browser cache & cookies and try again (or you can simply try with another browser), and if that doesn’t work, then it’s probably a bug and you should contact Customer Support :wink:


Thanks for your response and giving me time.

Yes. I am about to clear the browser cache to try again.
It did work when I change the browser, I dread I did something wrong. :sweat_smile:

Thanks God, I am on saver side so far!