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Outrageous Client

client ordered from me however i was having problems with getting into the site i messaged the client to let her know, she never however told me i had to buy the book. In addition cancelled the order then accused me of not knowing what i was doing and said she issued a report about me and hope they cancel my account??? Well I got upset and responded to her. I don’t mind her being blocked from my account and stop messaging me i’d appreciate it. Contacted support center however was not able to go forward.

Questions what should I do in a case like this for I am not sure what she may have told these people. Any help I’d appreciate

Ignore her, cancel the order without doing work in future when others behave like this. Not worth the hassle. I doubt Customer Support will do much if she gets straight to insults and cancellations because of technical issues on your side.

thank you

Just forget about it. Not a big deal.