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Outreach Guest Post Backlinks Services - No one provide on Fiverr


When i search on Fiverr, i see there are no-one provide Outreach Guest Posting services. They have all their Guest posting or PBN Sites where they build links. That’s why I create New Gig on this services. I have my one Personal Buyer that suggest me for this. So Looking for your Thoughts on my new gig.

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For Each Niche Website, we search on Google and find real blogs sites where we can Publish your Website Anchor text or naked url Link.

We’re in 2019, I think more and more people are finally realizing that this spam tactic doesn’t work.
I usually work with medium sized businesses and I can say that none of my clients use this. Almost half of them hire an actual marketing agency and the other half reaches out to so called influencers (relevant to their market) to promote their products or traffic.

Spamming random blogs with links is slowly fading away.


"For Each Niche Website, we search on Google and find real blogs sites where we can Publish your Website Anchor text or naked url Link. "

Do you get the permission from the blog owner first, for each and every case?

If not, what you’re doing is simply spamming, and your gig could get denied by Fiverr.

(That’s also why you don’t find such gigs on Fiverr: they get removed, and people who offer to spam other people’s blogs often get removed from Fiverr, too).


It’s already faded, so much so that it can actually penalize your website.

Guest posting can actually backfire if it’s done on websites that are low quality and that practice this tactic too often. For example, a blog filled only with guest posts will be penalized by Google, and some of the times, even the websites that shared the rank juice.

That’s because these tactics can be traced, and G is fighting hard to throw low quality content and those that attempt to influence ranking under the rug.

Yes, guest posting can be done properly, but that will require high quality content and some kind of profit for the webmaster, that’s why those that provide efficient services like this are very expensive. :slight_smile:


I will outreach and ask them for link. And Yes They will charge too so that’s why i charge $75 for One Links. I’m working on one Guest Posting project and all goes well.


Thanks man …You got it my Point…I have mention that i will post link on real Blogs. Not PBN Sites.


Do You know that if you Post your content on Real Blogs and mostly they have Social Sharing buttons too on their post. If Someone share your content on social media sites. You will easily gets Organic Traffics becoz of social signals and that increase your site Domain Authority Values too.


That not Spam Gig…Let me explain. I mention on my gig i will build one Domain Authority Link. I didn’t mention any site. For each new Niche I have to search sites and asking site author to Publish our content on their site. Simple but time consuming work. Also expensive


I think you have misunderstood what organic traffic is :slight_smile:
Social signals may indirectly impact the ranking, but creating backlinks through blogs is the longest way to get organic traffic.

I can give you an example what one of my customer did.

  • He’s selling sport drinks, mainly to athletes
  • He picked a well known athlete with high number of followers in social media
  • Paid him rather small amount to review the product. (Honest review, not paid positive review)
  • The athlete posted a video review on his social media accounts
  • My client earned 5x ROI in less than a month from it.

So from client’s perspective posting 1 link in some blog with a few hundred readers wouldn’t earn even his $75 back. Especially considering that you promise to find blogs for EVERY niche. If I hired you then you would know nothing about my local market and believe me, spending days in Google won’t tell you which blogs or even mediums are the right sources for local customers.

We’re not stopping you from providing this service, but you asked for our thoughts and my feedback is that you’re trying to use a tactic that has a very low ROI. Try to stay ahead of the curve. Pick a niche, lock down a certain area / region and focus on that :wink:


Okay I got it your point…But Mine services Also Improve SERP Ranking on Google.
Buts its okay I will add more new gigs. Have a nice day