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Outside links allowed or not

I need to know one thing as I didn’t face this earlier. I do translation and usually buyers give me microsoft doc or xslx files. But this time one buyer gave me an online translation plugin link. Is it allowed in fiverr to work in this way? And then how am I supposed to deliver the work since it is an outside link?
I am very much concerned about the TOS. Since I am unaware of this, I want advice from you experienced sellers.

Thank you.

Best way Would be is to contact the Customer service for further clarification but i think you can work on that specific task and do a screen record and post that as a proof of your work. But i will suggest you to contact fiverr support team.

Thank you. I will surely do that.

what he want you to do ? did he tried to contact you outside fiverr or its just a plugin link?

No, not contact. he gave a link for translation website and password. I have to login to the link and do the translation there itself.

its not violation of TOS its work i think its WPML or some other translation plugins is that a wordpress website?

I don’t know. I’m not familiar with these things. Never got before. Anyway can I work this way?

If you are saying that for your order, the buyer asked you to login to a specific website and do the translation work there, YES, you can do so and it is not a problem.

The problem is or can be that, Fiverr wants you to do all correspondence and also show proof of work on the ORDER page. That way there is seller protection in the event the buyer files a dispute.

If in your case, the buyer files a dispute that you have not done any work, he can win the case since you are doing the work externally on a website.

Normally, translations are completed on a word document and you submit such document upon completion of your order which is the tangible proof for work done.

So hope I was able to shed some light on this, and consider this for future orders.

The rest is up to you.

Good Luck. :+1:

Thank you for detailed advice. Even I always ask for a word doc or excel. This time also. this type of things is problematic for me.
Thank you.