Outside links like Dropbox


Hi. I’m new to fiverr and my client wants to send me his item to be edited with link via dropbox. It makes no sense because he already posted the item to be edited in fiverr as a PDF. Am I being too suspicious? Thank you!


Ask him if this is a revised copy that you should be aware of before starting work. If he says “no” then explain to him the Terms of Service agreement prohibits contact outside of Fiverr.


Fiverr permits Drop Box in limited circumstances, like extra large files, but no ToS-breaking info can be sent through it. Just order or delivery files with no contact or other info. I don’t know why Drop Box would be needed for a .PDF so you aren’t obligated to use it.


Thank you!


Thank you. Yes, he ended up sending it dropbox but it wasn’t that big so it didn’t make sense… Next time I’ll just only use Fiverr.


I had a similar request from a client in China who requested that I send him a link to the file stored on an external server. For whatever reason, any downloads he makes from Fiverr are snail-slow. I contacted customer support about it, and they said that I can do as the client asked, but I should also upload the same identical file to Fiverr’s servers so that if a dispute comes up it’ll be clear that it’s the same file on Fiverr’s servers as it is on the external server.


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