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Outsourcing for my own gig - is it possible?


Hi Everyone,

As most of you probably know level sellers have extras. I am now wondering if it is possible to outsource fiverr jobs using other fiverr sellers… Let’s say for example I had a gig where I created smartphone apps but I was virtually useless when it comes to graphic design (just an example)… Would it be possible for me to have a normal gig like the example above but have an extra such as “I will have designed an app icon for $10” - with the extra ordered I could then add more days and hire another user on fiverr to complete that part? This also has me thinking of new features - what about sellers pairing other gigs with theirs that they can select? Similar to extras but something like “Also take a look at these great companions for this gig” where the seller could choose 3 and earn some sort of commission like $0.25 for every sale through that link.



In regards to outsourcing, I know a few users who do this successfully. In particular, I have seen a few voice impressionists team up with puppets, animators and video creators to tie the two together for an overall project - all controlled by their gig extras.

However, bare in mind, this would involve having a good cash flow, to make sure you can purchase the extras from the sellers. For example, you may sell a $100 package, and have a deal with another seller to split 50/50, but you would still need the $50 upfront to cover the cost (as it takes the gig to be completed, plus 14 days before you receive the actual cash). This isn’t so much an issue on one order, but it is if you have 10 or more in a row - you become heavily invested.

This could be avoided if you worked on a delayed payment deal with another seller - but I think that would only work if you knew eachother reasonably well


Outsourcing is always an option, but be warned, Fiverr ® has very strict rules about ‘working with’ or even cross promoting with other sellers. Rules that you will need to specifically ask Customer Service about - they aren’t published.


I did see some gigs managed by a team, not only one individual. So I think outsourcing should be OK, as long as you control the quality and timing of your orders.


I know other fiverr sellers have used my voiceovers for their projects. I have zero problems with that though. More work for me, more work for them :slight_smile:



What an excellent idea, I am a web developer but lack designing skills - it would be nice to find a partner and form a team.

In fact, a team would be better - taking the analogy of Web Designing - there could be a Graphic Artist taking care of the logos, and a social media expert for promoting the gig on Social Networks - you get the idea.

Teams could share the spoils.

Just my 2 cents.

Cheerios :slight_smile: