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Outsourcing people should be banned from the site

As I experience lately there are a few “sellers” that are simply outsourcing their sales to others, usually to Level 2 or Top Sellers. The problem with this that these outsourcing morons doesn’t know anything about the actual profession and just lecturing pro sellers how to do things, while they’re happily nodding and accepting every BS request from their buyers in our name, while the majority of those requests are not even possible to make. Basically these people are making our lives a lot harder, while they’re accepting every BS modification request in our names.

Fiverr should get a line into the TOC that taking orders to then outsourcing it is prohibited on the site.

I can see the problem. I’m not sure how you know that a buyer is actually someone who is simply selling your work to someone else. I’m not against outsourcing itself. But for things such as design work or writing, there must be direct communication between the seller and the end user.

Where from I knew? The moron continuously told me in the order that his client requesting this and that (Plus not I’m the first one where he has played this, but my guess that the previous formatter also had shown him the exit.). And what was worse, this idiot accepted every non-sense request as this outsourcing moron didn’t know a thing about book formatting. What was worse, I told him numerous times how to check the file as checking a PDF on a cell phone won’t give the same back as if you would check it in a normal PDF viewer. Of course, he knew things better and tried to lecture me that he is actually watching everything in a proper PDF viewer. For his bad luck he also sent snapshots, where he had shown what he sees and everything was off, and had a pretty nice phone layout. So he couldn’t even take responsibility for his failures, while he rather tried to blame me for his lack of skills and endless incompetence.

I’m usually not against outsourcing either, I had a few pleasant experience before. However I rather prefer the direct approach. But I start to hate sellers who knows nothing about the actual profession and then they’re outsourcing stuff, selling our Gigs, like if it would be theirs. And this is becoming more common lately as this is not the first in 2016 that some moron believes that outsourcing without knowledge is fun, but in the reality the guy just giving a headache to me instead.

If someone openly says they are outsourcing and it bothers you, I would suggest that you just cancel in the first place. I personally wouldn’t want outsourcing to be banned on Fiverr. Outsourcers are a source of income. I am all for cancelling a gig if the buyer is overly difficult whether they are outsourcing or not.

“numerous times how to check the file as checking a PDF on a cell phone won’t give the same back as if you would check it in a normal PDF viewer.”

I would hit the “CANCEL” button as fast as I could.

Cia Istvan!

(I’m not Hungarian but used to live in Dunekaszi.)

I don’t think outsourcing should be banned. The majority of my sales actually go to people who are selling the work I produce as their own. I have complete sympathy for you though in regard to these people giving you a hard time. You are right that many of them have absolutely no competent ability to do work themselves. To make matters worse, many don’t even have the mental acumen to understand what their original client actually wants.

Since you are providing a pretty expert service maybe think about pricing yourself a little higher? I used to offer 500 words of writing per order and when I reduced this to 300 I got a lot less interest from annoying resellers and more interest from much more professional clients.

The work was done already. The problems appeared with the guy shortly after delivery. First everything seemed fine, that that asshole started to bomb me with his stupidity, about two days later. because he couldn’t handle his own client. I won’t hit cancel for a job which was made already as I won’t give free rides to anyone.

I’ve had many of those and sometimes it’s pretty obvious. But think it this way: Are you willing to do the gig for the ammount you charge for? Was that money going to get int your pocket if the reseller didn’t come to Fiverr to hire you?
Yeah, I thought so.

I had a negative expereince with outsourcing the other week. I got a sizable order for a promo video and the person kept saying that his client wanted this or that. He was clearly the middle man. It was very poor communication on his part, and he made little effort to answer my questions about the project. He just said that I should complete all the parts of the video and deliver them at one time. I ended up delivering only the first part of the video because I had questions about the second part that he would not answer. In the end I had to cancel the order. Over 6 hours of work with absolutely no compensation!

I agree with the sentiment that people reselling services is fine. However, I don’t agree with the sentiment that sellers should be eternally grateful for each sale we make to such people.

The OP clearly stated that what he is having difficulty with is people promising impossible services to original clients due to them not having the faintest idea what can and can’t be done on a specific project.

This is unprofessional. Whether selling or reselling a service, people, at least, need to be able to communicate what can and can not be delivered. At the same time, it costs absolutely nothing to be civil and considerate in communications with the people who are actually providing material in the first place.

In my opinion, there should, at least, be a way to vet buyers by checking the reviews which they have been left by other sellers. This way sellers could avoid having to waste time working on orders for incompetent resellers like the ones described while putting more energy into working for more on the ball clients.

Fiverr doesn’t = Use me like a toilet and expect me to be grateful.

I’ve had numpties try and do this with me, as soon as they say their “client” I either cease doing the gig or charge more, as I know exactly what they’re up to, these guys are simply in the middle, bottom feeding, con men, they buy your $5 gigs and then charge at least twice as much so they make their profit on YOUR HARD WORK! If you know they’re doing it then either stop or charge more, or if possible try and get their clients details and notify them of what they’re doing, chances are they will stop using the fraud and take you on! :slight_smile:

Although it’s a good idea in practice, I feel that nearly 75% of sales here on Fiverr seem to come from those outsourcing whether for here or for somewhere else online which is where I think the frustration from buyers comes in. They spend $5 and someone somewhere else paid them $25 and they didn’t get quite what they wanted as some sellers are getting smarter with what they offer and what they’re worth.

It can still work. There are plenty of guides which show you how to do it. To save dropping $ on the guides, I’ll boil it down. Decide what niche you want to focus on, and find a cheap buyer on Fiverr who does great work. Make the website, do a bunch of marketing. Charge $100 to clients on website, buy for $5 on Fiverr.

Lie back and enjoy fat stacks of cash. The problems arise, of course, when the client doesn’t like the result. Let’s say you don’t really understand your “business” and so you can’t explain what you want. Instead of having the wit to listen to your Fiverr seller (who should know their stuff!) or even ask questions to the client to garner more info, you get this mess.

I have quite a few regular outsourcers, and I’m happy to say that they know what they’re doing, and they pay me what I’m worth on Fiverr–because they know I’ll get it right first time. So I don’t have an issue with them. Unless they’re an idiot, of course. Like that dude who wanted me to write an entire business then changed his mind after delivery and asked to cancel (I said no and CS said no. He wasn’t happy…although he didn’t leave a review. Maybe he woke up and smelt the coffee?)

My most recent hassle is that of someone who ordered an “About Us” page to be written, but yet somehow completely misunderstood when they ordered asking me to write content for all of their pages. Someone that clearly said, “I need this for a client”. It’s clear they couldn’t grasp the concept of an “About Us” page thinking that I would write content through their entire page despite breaking it down for them what they would get for what they paid. I even offered them a discount, too.

I have also had people get angry at me for misspelling the word “color” which apparently was a valid excuse for Fiverr not to remove a slander feedback on my writing gig.

I do actually like most outsourcers and most buyers, but usually the trouble ones are those obviously outsourcing. Pretty much in the exact way you stated. Where they got paid, the person that got the end result didn’t like it, and they don’t know how to communicate with their buyer further so they yell at us Fiverr sellers instead trying to force us to do things they don’t quite understand themselves.

I do support the concept of outsourcing as the whole point of Fiverr is to allow buyers to do that, I just don’t like when they outsource and try to pay me $5 for something they already got paid nearly $200 for.

wow, I think this might be exactly what happened to me, but as the buyer.

I ordered something, quite expensive and the “top seller” said sure, no problem. And after several attempts to deliver (every time wrong, as if he did not even bother to read my instructions) he said, it was impossible to make.

I felt sorry for him, as he had been working “hard” to deliver, so I agreed to pay him half of the original amount.

Did not no this was an ongoing scam thing around here, I guess I learned the hard way…

I got this today:
"I have a client that works with me in great need of professional mixing and mastering. She is looking to have 4 songs for a EP professionally mixed and mastered. There are only 7 files persons. "

As soon as they mention “client” I tell them to nod off, all this means is they’re outsourcing and will charge 2-5 times more for MY HARD WORK! So no you don’t get my business and never will! :frowning:

I am new to Fiverr and was hesitant to review the Buyers I’ve had who were a little difficult because I myself didn’t want a negative response. Who can see these reviews? And, by the way, since I received a 3-star review from one of them (for something he admitted was his own fault–I was shocked and dismayed having also delivered a rush job and did not charge a rush fee) and, not so coincidentally, my orders came to a complete stand-still. I was really enjoying my time on Fiverr until that happened so I’m trying to figure out how to get it going again. Thanks.