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Outsourcing without Imperializing


I really want to grow teams outside the united states, but I fear I can’t build a relationship because of the business relationship. I don’t want to be seen as someone trying to step on other people.
Ideally, I’d like to start a social platform that grows with people outside of the U.S., that’s purely out of interest in seeing social network systems grow. I do have some profit interests as well, but only to maintain the system.

I need a strong data visualization of all social activity within developing areas. I’m aiming for a lot.

I’d like to see a lot of Africa on my social network of connections. Next, Indians and the middle east.

I want to use Fiverr to pay small groups in villages. I want those groups to play a major role in their community. Major bread winners. I don’t really know how much $250/month helps. It seems like most people that I think are from distressed areas really aren’t; after all, they have internet & a functional computing device.



Am I missing something? I dont get it. Man what do you want the forum or fiverr do for you? :confused:

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Do you wanna develop a website out of fiverr and want coworker in underdeveloped countries?[quote=“lonecodesmen, post:1, topic:115186”]
I want to use Fiverr to pay small groups in villages

Pay for what?


This is dreadfully patronizing–not to mention probably offensive–to a whole swathe of people living across multiple continents.

Perhaps you should look up post-colonization and consider what you’re doing again? Or have you been reading one too many of those 50c will feed a whole African village for 3 months pamphlets from the big charities whose management suck up millions in terms of salaries?

Either way, I doubt Fiverr is the platform you’re looking for, as the wrong sort of people from the right sort of countries are here. As you said… [quote=“lonecodesmen, post:1, topic:115186”]
It seems like most people that I think are from distressed areas really aren’t; after all, they have internet & a functional computing device.

lol. Back to your hovels, poverty-stricken people! You shall not be helped unless you have nothing at all, not even a cellphone! Begone!


It’s a $1 :dollar: now, you have to calculate for inflation…


Starting a new social media platform is a great idea, especially if you want to use it to connect people all around the world and have them interact together socially and professionally.

All you need to do now is invent a time machine, go back to 2004, and start putting your plans into action before anyone else stumbles upon such a clever idea.


I want to make a web application that my foreign teams can log into and collaborate with me on projects. It would also be nice if that platform could extend into local businesses and events where my teams lives.
It’s a platform that uses minimal social features to help see the big picture of the community, for the community. Facebook doesn’t give you back “Big Data” analysis.

Emmaki, I understand it’s offensive, the title itself is trying to address the issue immediately.
Is it fair for me to systematically socially engineer a small village in Africa, simply because I want to see something amazing built? Is it fair against the world if I took in dozens of people and started teaching them a proprietary language & technology. There’s laws around this; how am I not breaking that law right now?
I’m black by the way; African American, and as bad as I want to have a relationship with people in Africa, I feel like reaching back in this way could be seen as condescending. Honestly, I’m tired of paying into a white owned system and I don’t even want to get too into this; why pay someone here, when I can help free myself from being here (because I hate the feelings I have) by setting up havens FOR ME else where. I seek refuge.

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Buddy, the demons go where you do.


What is that supposed to mean?
Other people have gone to Africa with ill intent?

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