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Outsourcing without your knowledge

I have a really weird question. I got the order from a gig request I applied for earlier today. The customer sent me a CV she wanted to have translated. Nothing weird so far. She said she needed it asap. - Also nothing new for me. But then suddenly down the line she was like “Yeah, I speak German as well, but don’t have time for it.” So I think that’s kinda odd and sure as hell she offers the exact same translation gig with a couple of sales in queue. I asked her what this was about and that it sounds fishy to me and that I think she is outsourcing and selling my work to her clients without my knowledge. Of course she never responded. I do not want to complete the gig as I don’t think it’s fair to anyone besides her. The client is getting work from someone he didn’t choose to work with and I just get a small percentage of whatever she gets without me even agreeing to suddenly being an employee. What would you do?

You can simply request to cancel the order.

I wouldn’t care what she was going to do with it even if it was selling it to someone else but that’s just me. It’s just a translation so it’s not like it’s original creative work. If you are not ok with it you can cancel it.

Reselling Fiverr gigs is very common. Most are buyers who purchase gigs and sell the results to their own clients off-Fiverr so they can make a large profit. Many of them don’t mention their reasons for buying and you may not be aware of it. Some are open about it. While it’s probably a smaller group, seller-to-seller outsourcing certainly isn’t uncommon. I’ve done gigs for other sellers and granted, the ones I dealt with were people I talked with in PM first. It doesn’t bother me at all, though.

I get paid the same whether the buyer sells my work, uses it, or throws it in the trash. That’s just my own take, though. It’s not forbidden by the ToS, so if you don’t want outsourcers to buy you might want to specify that in your profile and gigs.

I don’t mind people reselling my work but I never work for other Fiverr sellers who offer the same service as me, I have previously and only had bad experiences. Maybe not all such sellers are bad/rude/have ulterior motives, but I’m not one to get fooled twice if I can help it.