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Outstanding Virtual assistant but few jobs received

Hi, I am Donna, I started on Fiverr just two months ago and within two days I got my first order, did a remarkable job and got my five-star review. For about two to three weeks after I steadily did a job per week. These were mostly $5 jobs; I do not mind as I am gaining the experience and getting great reviews.
However, I seem to be in a slump for the past two weeks. I am not even seeing buyer requests!! I feel forlorn. I have all these great skills and basically working for free; again $5, and no one to hire me.
Some of my gigs are showing up, as my impressions are high, get this, my phone call gig is at 2.2 k impressions! I should be up to my neck in orders with such high numbers, but am not! What should I do to attract those clicks?
I look forward to any and all insights.
My link is check me out.