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Over 1 year,1700+ positive reviews,10 sales per day,1st in high rating filter but still not eligible


This is my 1st post here.

I have over 1700+ positive rating(100%) in total and i am holding the 1st rank in high rating of Photoshop sub category!

last week also i contacted fiverr CS and they said i am still not eligible.

after two days they have promoted 2 other sellers to Top rated and they just have 800 positive reviews.

so i think it is not about reviews or the sales amount we do for a day!

i normally do 10 sales per day(nearly $80).

can anyone tell me what i am missing??

thank you very much! -

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Reply to @ryangillam:

Thank you very much for your suggestion!

I already did that and all they say is i am still not eligible.

thanks machan,

i checked your profile and you have nice gigs in different sections.

i think you are correct!i will try to do some other works also!

I have seen people that get about 10 to 30 sales a month get TRS. It’s not about the sales but rather what you offer, and what Fiverr feels is unique enough to draw attention to. There is an area somewhere I think it’s like community at fiverr dot com where you can send your story and if they like it, you can have a chance at TRS. Also note, I have seen users with over 10,000+ feedback and are still waiting for a TRS position… soo.

Reply to @mimie01:

Thank you very much for the reply!i also think that is the main reason! :slight_smile:

I know of a seller who has only 1 gig, is here for a year and made only 70 sales, is not active in the form, has no cool story, not that I have read and is Top Rated Seller. So…I am really not sure what makes a Top Rated Seller.

salvatorejcs said: This is my 1st post here.

Your not active in the comunity, aka forum. May be that is a factor?

Hello, Same here machan :slight_smile: even I am an active member on forum also but no sign of being a top rated seller… in your case I think you have to manage your GIGs too because you have 3 gigs in same category your gigs have to be unique to each other too

Ask them to forward your message onto the editors who actually make the decision. Customer Support does not make the decision. You will then (hopefully!) get a very lengthy reply back!

Reply to @mimie01: I forgot to mention a 22% cancelation rate. I can oly assume it has something to do with the gig avarage pice, in this case. Any thoughts? I am really interested.

Reply to @freelancemm: i completely agree with you!i also have seen such sellers!

Reply to @kjblynx: I will try that too and i will let you know how it goes,

thank you very much for your helpful information!

Reply to @mimie01: my average price is $8,

i think it is a factor,

but exactly dont know how much they are expecting!

i talked to some TRS in different categories most of them are just selected without a request.

so i gave up requesting!:slight_smile:

Reply to @mimie01: Do keep in mind that before you noticed them, there was a chance they had a previous gig of which they paused or something of a personal issue may have come up so they might be TRS for a reason that might not be as obvious months later. Not saying this is the case with the user you’re referring, but just pointing that out. I seen a few TRS that look like they have gotten hardly any sales but I know as I have been here over 3+ years that that isn’t the case with some.

Ahh that makes sense…

Reply to @salvatorejcs: No, that’s definitely not it. I was promoted to level 2 even before I knew a forum existed. So I think there must be another reason.

Reply to @mcromano: I was too. But I think this guy is talking about going up to a TS. That’s a different ballgame.