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Over 100 Orders in Queue for 24 Hour Turn Around

I JUST noticed my creator has Over 100 Orders in Queue for 24 Hour Turn Around.

Should I be worried? This is the first time I’ve used Fiverr and I’m not sure if that is misleading. Seems like there’s many bugs that people are posting about with last online and queue’s. I’ve already sent them a message but wanted to see if that seems a little crazy. Their last review was about 3 weeks ago…


If you can share a screenshot, then might be we can help you with this or suggest you a better way.


I do want to give them time to respond before posting their profile. I was just wondering if this could be a common item. Over 100 orders in queue while all their levels show 24 hour turnaround and it confirmed on my order placed. They show 1 hour response and 1 hour last order delivery.


Orders remain in a seller’s queue until they’ve been marked as complete (which often takes up to three days). It’s possible that a large chunk of those orders you’re seeing have already been delivered and require no more work.



I have quite a lot of work in queue myself and I can tell you, orders remain in queue until the seller delivers. If there is a revision, then that pops up back as an order. But once the order is delivered, it’s not seen as “in queue”. So it doesn’t matter when it’s marked as complete.

If the seller has 100 orders in queue, then he has 100 orders to fulfill right now.


Can confirm this is the case with me too although it used to be different.
However, I have seen and bought from sellers offering 24 hour delivery who then deliver something absolutely rubbish within 24 hours so the buyer will request a revision which then gives them more time. This would explain how someone would have 100 orders in queue with recent deliveries showing but no new reviews in three weeks. In a normal case, someone doing that volume would definitely have new reviews daily.


Nope, @ahmwritingco is right.

Orders remain in queue until they’ve been marked as complete, whether by the buyer or automatically.

  • If a seller delivers, the order shows in queue until it auto completes or the buyer completes it.

  • If a seller delivers and the buyer requests a revision, the order shows in queue until the seller delivers the revised order and it is marked as complete, whether by the buyer or automatically.

I should add that that high amount of orders in queue could be due to the reappearance of an old bug.


Not for me

After I deliver an order, I see the number in queue decrease. It’s been the same for years. It does take 5-10-15 minutes to update, of course, but I never had orders in queue stay there until they are marked as complete.


I have 3 proofreading orders showing in my queue. I have 2 to do and 3 delivered. One was delivered 10 mins ago so the queue will probably go down to 2 soon. It definitely used to be the case that they stayed in queue and I only noticed that difference when I saw Donnovan say it and checked.



Order in queue are the current active orders in seller dashboard (including revision + non delivered orders).As soon as seller delivered the order ,system update the gig order in queue number .


Those are probably design firms or agencies with multiple professionals working for them. It’s best to wait for their response or delivery anyway.

Do let us know how it goes.



I see your queue has reduced to two just now, but you’ve received a review. Was that for a recently delivered order?


You are not allowed to share names or anything identifiable on the forum as per rules. When we ask for a screenshot we usually mean to share it with relevant ID data erased.


Good to know, thank you! It did sound like he wanted a screen shot of the profile, so I would be more specific to new buyers. I will update the forum on my experience throughout. Hoping all goes well!

Appreciate all the quick responses! I’ll just have to wait this one out and hope to get a response regarding the 24 hour turn around and large queue shown.


I had 3 delivered and one has left a review just now. However, I still have 2 to do and 2 delivered.


For that gig alone, or for all gigs in total?

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Received creator response and all should be well! I’m not worried about exactly 24 hour, was just worried when I saw that huge queue. Thank you everyone again for the responses. Very excited for my first Fiverr experience!


For that particular gig alone.

Sorry for hijacking your thread with a tangent but this is how we find out certain elements about Fiverr! Glad all seems well and hoping to hear back with a positive story about your experience.


I’m glad to know you’ve heard from your seller, @bostonbrawler! I hope you have an excellent first Fiverr experience! :slightly_smiling_face:


i do not think that buyer will go around and check sellers all gigs and summarize his queue. Yes, this is one GIG.

Best sellers and older (2010) have this all the time, 50-200 orders in queue. in most cases this is team work, design company.