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Over $100 per day... 100% Positive Reviews... how do I become a Top Rated Seller?

Business is growing and now I’m hitting $100+ on good days and I have 100% positive reviews, but now I’m wondering how to become a Featured Seller or Top Rated Seller.

My cancellations are at 11% because of outrages requests, but I cancel immediately after they order. This is the only thing I see that may be restricting me from the status.

Anyone know what the guidelines are? Any tips? Anything?

Cancellation ratio should have no effect if it’s all buyers that don’t read your descriptions or ask something you do not provide.

Top rated and featured status is manually credited, so you have to make your gigs stand out from the rest. Keep getting lots of great reviews and provide your best support for the months and years to come, and it can be yours one day! :slight_smile: But don’t hold your breath, only a few lucky ones can become one.

Although top rated badge is pretty unnoticeable when browsing gigs, so I don’t think it would be a sales boost.

I saw one of your gigs had 21 in the queue, and that you’re at 100%, so I think you’re doing fantastic. I don’t know how you find the time to do all those gigs.

For those that don’t know, $100 equals 25 gigs with no gig extras. The TRS badge is great, but it’s no guarantee you’ll have long queues everyday, the queue is based on many factors, including how many people are searching for something, whether you’re on the first few rows, etc. It also depends on how people search. Some people will search a keyword and then click on “TRS,” level 2, or level 1, others go for Recommended, High Rating, or New.


As stated by Fastcopywriter, you are doing fantastic and on the right path.

Note however that Fiverr staff chooses TRS through many factors such as their presence, quality of customer service, ratings and overall quality of work you do. Though I just got level 2 myself last night I am looking for the status as well however I don’t expect it out of the blue.

Make an online presence not just in sales but helping others on the forums and creating good lively advice and informative posts and soon they will recognize your efforts.

I definitely wish you luck with this journey to the coveted status of TRS and hope the best for you.

142 Reviews isnot enought for TRS… I think …

Thanks for all the 411!

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Check out the Levels page for info on being a TRS and that may give you some info. Good luck!

What happened, inceku? I clicked your name and Fiverr tells me:

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This thread is old though I think I’ve seen the username elsewhere. Archiving thread.

Update- It appears this user was using 2 accounts. Before anyone gets confused, I’m not saying that based on CIA connections, it’s just plain in another old thread. She was clear about being incenku and hireiris which no longer matters to post since both accounts are dead.