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OVER 20% of Profits taken?

Sorry, not sure where to post this. I sold a Gig for 160, and I was then tipped 30. The total amount to withdraw was 100 - I’m pretty bad at maths but that seems more than 20% which is what I thought Fiverr took. Is this correct? If so, can someone please help me figure out what percentage this is so I can increase the amount I charge? Thanks in advance, everyone!



Fiverr should have taken $38, and left you with $152, based on what you’ve said.

Can you share a screenshot to illustrate the issue? (obviously removing any personal info/buyer info)

Yep, let me just figure that out. I know it’s charged in USD and I need it in GBP, but even after converting I’m still missing out on a fair bit of change there

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Yeah that doesn’t sound right at all. I would contact fiverr support about it and see what’s going on.

GBP is 1.00 compared to USD which is 1.30. So if anything, you should get more, right? Idk, I’m no good with math either.

Yes, Fiverr Take 20% for every amount

You are right in saying that Fiverr take 20% of all earnings.

To be clear - are you talking about the amount that shows as ‘available to withdraw’ or have you already withdrawn the money and you’ve got 100 showing in your PayPal account for example?

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Those numbers arent right, Unless taxes, or some other fees are coming out. Thats more than 20%. converting doesn’t matter…

You do lose in conversion. This is why I receive funds in USD even though I’m in Canada. Then I let PP convert it to CAD for deposit into my account. I still lose out a bit on there but these sites need to make their money. PP gives a better conversion rate than 5 does.


Hi all, thanks for the comments. Ive never had such a high fee when converting currency but perhaps you’re correct - though this is outlandish to say the least. I didnt get round to making some snaps of it as I had a few urgent orders to take care of, but the amount is less missing than initially thought. To clarify, the amount on the top of my screen before withdrawing was 119GBP, after withdrawing I received 102GBP. I’m not sure where that cash went, but it’s whatever. I’m expecting to be able to withdraw again tomorrow, so I’ll see what the difference is and get in touch with CS. Thanks everyone

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Also just noticed I have a penny left in Fiverr after withdrawing - perhaps they’ve seriously rounded down so I have some pocket change available :slight_smile:

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I think the tip and the actual order are separate in the earnings tab.

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I don’t know if i’m understanding the conversation properly, but, do you know that, beyond the 20%, there’s a 5% to transfer to paypal? Mabe here is the money that you are missing. :thinking:


Yes, fiverr takes fee in tipped amout also

There is no fee to transfer your funds to PayPal here.



I lost 20 euro in currency conversion fees(not kidding). I feel you.


Hi, I recently saw a post where someone got the same deduction. One response was that if it is more than $100 Fiverr will take more than 20%. I am not sure whether this is true, I will try to find it and attach it here.

Yes Brother, Fiverr Marketplace Take 20% for every amount

This is not true.

Each Gig you sell and successfully complete, accredits your account with a net revenue of 80% of the purchase amount.

The above is from the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page.

Wrong. There is 5% in fee to transfer.

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I dont know whay they say that there is no fee, because there is. I found some sites talking about this, and this post here Transfer Charges for paypal?.

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