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Over 23,517 service for photoshop service

Wow am speechless…I decided its best to have my own personal website, I waste my time coming here. seriously its for the best.

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Fiverr is a competition-based services website. I’m not surprised that they have that many Photoshop services listed here. The sellers who promote themselves, and reach out to their target customers are likely to have a better chance at seeing sales. That’s just how Capitalism works.


The number of photoshop gigs is now 23,540, and it is only 2 hours since you made your post. Not surprising since there are 19,343 level 1 sellers with photoshop gigs.

It may have been best to check out the amount competition before you :arrow_heading_down:

Good luck. :four_leaf_clover:


I’m sure you won’t have nearly as much competition with your own site listed on google. I hope it works out well for you.

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I think there are so many photo shop as well as proofreading, logo design and virtual assistant gigs is because there are people out there who make videos or write on blogs to create gigs in these categories (and there are others, but I can’t recall all of them, I am sure “design a WP site” is one too) in order to become wealthy overnight. Just doesn’t happen that way. Go look at those other categories and I bet you find literally thousands of listings there too.

I agree, you should have done your homework before wasting time and energy making listings here when you could have been working on your site to sell the same services.



Huh, looks like somebody just did their homework…

Good luck with that. If there are ONLY 23000 people
offering their photoshop services on fiverr home many more people do you think offer it outside of fiverr? I bet it will be way more than 23000.
But good luck with your website, indexing it in google and driving traffic to your own website. (I hope you did think it through and made your homework and market research this time, right?)


Business isn’t pink, business is black and white, keep trying and trying that’s what under your control.
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