Over 3 hours and no response to my help ticket


I’m wondering if anyone has experienced the following. This is a first for me. On 1-28-2013 I put in a help ticket with Fiverr. Usually I get a response to my tickets within 30 to 45 minutes but on this day it has been over 3 hours and still no response. I even put in another ticket asking fiverr if there was a problem and they deleted it. Next I sent them a direct email, no response.

Since this is the first time that my tickets have been deleted and Fiverr has not responded in a normal fashion, it is a bit unnerving and I was wondering if there is a problem I’m not aware of. Any thoughts?


I did that. I sent a ticket, reference the ticket number and they deleted it. So obviously someone is there but why they don’t respond to the ticket is beyond me. Most times I get a response within 30 to 40 minutes, but now it has been over 4 hours. Even if they don’t respond directly to the ticket it would be nice to know what the problem is. You would think if someone is on the job to delete tickets, there would be someone there to at least let you know why it is taking so long for someone to respond to the problem directly.


Maybe it has to do with the Paypal fiasco?


I thought about that. But wouldn’t that be a paypal problem, not a Fiverr problem. I can’t imagine the techie guys on Fiverr working on a Paypal situation.


I have ticket submitted 1 day ago and still no answer …


I submitted a ticket 30+ hours ago and nothing :frowning: It’s a bit mystifying as I have sent in a lot of tickets over the year or so and no reply has been more than forty minutes. This is a completely new ticket, but the last I submitted got a reply (after I replied) after 24 hours :frowning:


Same here been more then 12 hours and no reply. If you create another ticket asking why it will probably go ignored or deleted.

Not much to do rather then wait.


On the boat as well :confused: my ticket was submitted 24 hours ago.


It looks like there are way too many changes taking place and they dont have time to keep up with the problems. I think they should slow down the changes and take them one step at a time.


my support question submitted over 35h ago simply got closed without any answer, this is really unusual they were friendly every single time, and they answer any question in the past under 1h. Is it staff shortage ?


I am waiting since 7 hours for my Ticket and it is really grinding my gears. Some Jackass gave me a negative rating out of the blue and it is sticking out like a sore thumb…


Same boat here as well, well over 26hrs now for me. Im guessing too many people called in sick.


Maybe they working on something new :slight_smile:


I submitted mine about 5 hours ago… nothing. :frowning:

Not sure what is going on… never happened before. But I hope it gets fixed soon.

UPDATE: it’s now been almost 24 hours and still not reply. :confused:


I have issues with support issuing me credit for the paypal issues.


I just got contacted by support forcing me to send fiver funds for which I already paid for multiple gigs that got credited back to my account when paypal was having issues a few days ago. I have a credit that a seller issued me and they won’t give me my credit. This is ridiculous! I have invoices to PROVE my case!!!


As you can imagine the support team are extremely busy but they will get round to you.



I’m new to fiverr (3 months) and the average time they get back to me seems to be 6-10 hours. I figured it to be normal and a decent enough time. I guess it would be a shock if you are used to 45 minute turn arounds though. Rest assured , you are not alone at least.


Reply to @zarklon: It used to be a 5 minute turnaround a year ago :frowning: Not too fussed though. It means more people o fiverr which means more people there to order.