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Over $5000 Spent on Fiverr BUT Only 1 Seller I Truly Recommend- CRORKSERVICE

Hello Guys,

I have spent a load of cash on Fiverr but once a discovered CRORKSERVICE for my SEO I have made over 40+ orders now. I even outsource more and more of my SEO from my clients to CRORKSERVICE.

If you are looking for amazing SEO and social media, custom gigs and all round great customer service then I say look no further than this team…


PS. My favourite gig is this…always boosts my traffic and rankings - I will make social signals with manual comments, UNIQUE gig on Fiverr’:

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Good to see :slight_smile:

thanks for share your experience

Many of the seo services, links, pyramid building are simply software driven and don’t last long and could potentially damage the ability to list properly on search engines. There’s a a lot of fake services on fiverr and although someone has thousands of reviews many people may not be educated how seo really works. Buyer beware.

Buying backlinks is black hat SEO technique that may get your black listed by Google search engines. Even if your websites ranks high in a short period of time, it won’t take a long time till everything drops to even worse than before. Please read about the dangers of buying backlinks, it’s not good for your website at all.

I also agree with inodesign. There is no shortcut to higher rankings even when you buy backlinks. Even google warns about that, yet so many waste their funds for a useless service. We did our own simple seo on all of our own websites. Our highest rank google is page 2, lowest is page 7. On Bing, page 1, lowest page 4. Sometimes it’s better to learn to do this by yourself so you’ll know for future. It’s not that difficult.

This looks more like a friend posted in order to promote this gig. Wrong category as if you are going to spam gig URL’s, this should be in the ‘Fiverr Gigs’ category.

That’s great and all, but you are basically saying that everyone else is worthless and you wasted your money away.

I have actually had a very negative experience with that seller and wouldn’t recommend them at all. Their customer service is non-existent and all of their messages and replies are canned responses and they don’t provide quality services whatsoever.

When you try to send them a message, they send an auto-reply not even relevant to your question…lol. SO, while you think you are slick, you are completely wrong. :slight_smile:

Take your chances, but spamming gigs in the forum says enough…

you can check my gigs, i think you will like my gigs. Good Luck :)>-