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Over 52 Orders Created and Not Yet in Level One?


Joined Fiverr Months ago, delivered awesome services to my buyers yet no level one, not to talk of Level two.

I have created more than 50 orders which is suppose to have gotten me to level two.

Is it that i am doing something wrong or there is a way things are been done on fiverr?

I offer Best astrological service, have lots of experience in my field and also am not new to internet marketing.

Can someone tell me where am doing something wrong that hasn’t made me Level Two or Level One Seller?


Hi Stephany,

Fiver has recently made changes to their “levels” page, now making it very clear how to level up and what you currently lack to get to the next level. Check out the link below which should shed some light on your issue

To get to level 1 you need

-30 days active on Fiverr

-Completed at least 10 individual orders

-Maintain a 4 star rating and above

-Have a low cancellation rate

So perhaps it’s an issue with the rating or cancellation rate?




It will increase in time. You have to have an excellent rating - high nineties. Keep wowing your customers and you will get there.


ok but my recent orders, i have been having positive ratings, yet the ratings wont increaSED


I don’t know, but maybe is because of your rating (85%)

Take a look here: