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Over 60 days and gig is still on last page

Its been over 60 days since my gig was disappeared, this happened to me on 10th November when 1 order was cancelled by CS and then later buyer left a negative review, after further investigation CS removed the review and gave me compensation but the affect remained on my account as it made me gig disappeared from page 1 to page 100+, asked CS many many times but they dont give a crap about it, they think its normal, how the flip its normal? my gig was on page 1 for years, i maintained my position, all my stats are outstanding. Its been 60 days now and my gig is still on last page, even the cancellation affect is gone now. All stats are 100%, 5 ratings.
Not sure what to do now, if i msg CS they dont reply back and ignore it. In past 60 days i had many orders completed with review still no luck, i dont understand why did this affect every single gig? whole account is messed up.
Is it better to deactivate this account and make new one? i have wasted my past 5 years here, worked day and night to give 100% for each order and maintained the top position, then in 1 click they ruined my whole account :confused:

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Why would you worry about that? You are a level 2 seller, with thousands of excellent reviews and a stellar rating. What does it matter if you’re on the last page or the first, if you have got enviable stats and consistent sales and why would you even think about deactivating it and starting afresh from scratch lol

because in past 60 days everything dropped to 0, from getting 100+ orders i get 0 to 3 and many days i dont get any order. Impressions, views etc are all 0. When your gig is on last page then you dont get any new orders, just repeat buyers once in a while. This has been happening for past 60 days, i have waited a lot but still no luck

what is your gig position now? is it still last page?