Over 60 sales. Will i be a level 2 seller?


So i just became a level 1 seller today (yayy!) and i noticed you need 50 sales within 2 months to be a level 2 seller and i have over 60 sales and have been on fiverr for a month. Will i automatically be promoted to a level 2 seller even though i just became a level 1 seller today?


You will be. Just one more month to wait. Keep on going dudette!

Edit: Noticed you’re name was madeline. You ain’t no dude :slight_smile:


@joethorn lol great thanks!


it will take some time i think you have reach level two this week.hope you will


patience my friend you will be there.


It took me the same amount of time and I am happy to report that I got it just last week and couldn’t be happier. I promise it is worth the wait!