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Over a thousand gig ideas to get you started!

I am now offering a new gig, which is a PDF document filled with a wealth of Fiverr gig ideas to get you started!

The document, also out as an eBook, is send as a watermarked PDF due to security reasons here on Fiverr. The product is non watermarked on authorized retailers, however this is the service version which I am selling here!

I hope everyone is able to find this book of benefit to them!

just remember that ten good, well-explained ideas are far more valuable than a thousand not-so-good ones… and besides, they will differ from person to person. if people know what they’re good at and what they can feasibly offer for $5, then they should do that. it’s simple, no?

Hm, weird, I don’t remember posting this in the tips for sellers section? Or maybe it was automatically moved.

Thanks, xqggqx, for your comment. It is true that well-explained gigs are more valuable, however the tips for sellers I had included in the end is what I added to make up for making a “list” of ideas. Also, this really is for those looking to be more creative, maybe needing somewhere to start and are completely new to Fiverr.

A shorter version of the eBook I’m creating also comes with the do’s and don’ts of Fiverr: really making this for those unaware with the site and looking for the absolute basics.

Basically like those cookie recipes with hundreds and hundreds of cookie recipes. A good chocolate chip cookie is perfect, of course, but it’s also nice to be open to some creativity to open more doors.