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Over the moon to reach level one status on Fiverr. You can too!

After 96 days and 28 Five Star happy customers I am ecstatic to shout about the quality service I provide supplying unique custom illustrations and design services.

Shop now for my gigs!

I have found the whole experience very educational and will take what I have learned wherever I may go next. Hopefully, that is becoming a Level 2 seller on Fiverr and lots more creative gig deliveries. Many resources were used to get me to where I am today so I will list in order of relevance some of those for other sellers on this forum:

Fiverr is a platform which needs you to really evaluate how buyers come looking for end results and presenting that in an easy to purchase gig package specifically for them!
Using buyer requests as a method for getting myself noticed was invaluable and through building systems to more effectively compose fantastic offers I have increased my professionalism and promptness in written replies (please let me know if you are interested in my methods).

My ratings and response time are currently impeccable and this is something I wish to retain. Although I am very happy with my gigs I am aware there are elements of some of my gig offerings which have room for improvement. This is either due to:

  • Some of the gigs being relatively new and in need of more portfolio pieces
  • Gig videos with great copy that convinces
  • What I am offering needs more targeted pricing in the marketplace (cheaper for some packages and pricier for others)
  • I am still to find out how market saturation works for each topic
  • Having gigs which cover all the buyer requests and trends I am responding to (pop art portraits, illustrations for business concepts …)
  • Needing to share more content to social media networks using Buffer
    I am reaching out to other sellers on the forum if they have any advice as to what I could:
  • Improve to get to Level 2
  • Methods to deliver gigs in speedier more manageable ways
  • And of course gradually increasing my prices so I have a fantastic rate I can be proud of

I came to the realization early on that Fiverr is a predominantly North American audience which required myself to change my way of thinking slightly as I come from the UK and I’m currently living in Italy. Grammarly set to American English was one of the best things that I’ve done and of course I’ve needed to get a little more “pumped” than I might normally be.

I am really proud of my gigs so here’s a little summary of what I am all about:
I pride myself on high-quality vector graphics, which you can actually use and present to others! My gig is for vector artwork from your logo, photo, source artwork, or design brief.
I feel the real quality from this gig is getting me to redraw the artwork and bring my artistic eye to the end result. I am very good at interpreting form and reducing it to its essential elements. Particular work of note at this time is the baseball players and the product illustrations for a waxing product. No job is too small for me and all the jobs are given the same amount of care.
My killer gig and one which promises a lot and delivers!
Do You Want a Realistic, Beautiful, 100% Unique Digital Portrait?
A stunning digital image you can publish online or print and display in your home!
Looking For Something Different? I’m flexible in my style and approach… Just message me for a custom offer matching your needs!
Particular work of note at this time are the airbrushed portrait painting from a photo and the line drawing of my nephew inspecting his Lego.
Social media images for a high-impact impression!
I can design effective header images for you for just $5!
This gig is a total steal so get ordering it today while it’s still such a low price!
Caricatures make for a totally unique gift!
Always Imagined Yourself as a Comic Book Hero?
I create comic book style artworks for illustrations or mascot designs as well.
I have been working with image editing and enhancement for over 20 years, tap into my expertise today!
I am more than happy to work on batch processing jobs for a very low rate so please get in contact to find out more.
Selling your brand is super important so let me help you to achieve that with a logo design that works!
Currently, I have a time-limited offer of a Facebook header graphic in my standard gig for free!

If you like what you have read please keep me in mind for work and if you know of anyone else looking for something similar just send them over.

All the best benjamscott on Fiverr!