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Overall Completion rate is down. Should I Start With A New Account?

Hi Mates,

My order completion rate is getting down suddenly. My gig has a very good reviews. Should I continue with the account or should I start with a fresh account by deleting this one. Need valuable opinion here.


At time no need new account wait some time


How long it gonna take, any idea?

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If you make second account with same ip Adress this is not good according Fivver TOS. work properly if you have lot of order or no time is available for complete your order. I have a solution for you. Increase your delivery time. Best wishes for every body there.

How will that help you?
Your order completion is down because one of your orders was cancelled.
Even if you’ll create a new account you still might have another cancellation which will make your order completion on your new account also lower :woman_shrugging:

That is not a solution at all. Complete more orders and your order completion will go up


@ mariashtelle1

Thanks for the suggetions. Just hoping to get more orders :slightly_smiling_face: