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Overall experience with Available now

Hello guys
How was your experience with available now icon? how was the sale after getting available now icon and how many messages you are getting everyday?

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Helo bro …i am getting 10 to 20 message in one day…
How are you bro… and you know me ?

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No i don’t know you. Actually i started this Beta thing fro yesterday and didn’t even got one message.

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My experience with it is that Fiverr didn’t send an email when I got a message from someone when I used it. I might have responded faster if they had emailed me that I had a message. Most of the time I don’t get any messages/orders when I use it (I only received 2 messages with it, both from the same user.). Also, the messages on screen said I think “respond within 2 mins” (for both messages from the same user) but all the Fiverr help says that you need to respond within 5 mins not 2. Surely both should say the same.

Also, I think the time should be extended a bit to allow for more time to give a proper quote and properly read any reply to any info and questions sent. Or maybe it’s best to turn it off as soon as you receive a message, then later turn it back on maybe.