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Overall first 1k revenue. And too darn slow to reach here -_- , suggestions needed and openly welcome

Hey everyone,

3+ years old guy here.

I started with my account in Oct 2016.

70+ orders done. Gigs delivered and reached income of 1k+ recently.
I’m happy with the income, because why not, it’s a milestone to reach for sure. However it’s not THAT kind of income you have in your mind when you start with.

I have seen a lot of things and definitely matured through the process. Long way to go though. But then, your analysis with the first thing brings out many insights.

I’ve kind of realised it always that when you want to make the Empire state building, the foundation to be done right is a must. I know I have this thing lacking, but WHERE. it’s got my head running around. Since I still look to climbing out of the low income pit like the Dark Knight did in the movie, and finally saw freedom and access to his ultimately intended actions. I welcome your advice on how to grow and make it the kind of income source we all are aspiring to make.


Hello, I am actually looking for the services you offer. I wouldn’t buy your gig due to your description:

$15 is only for inserting fillable fields and functional buttons (Look ‘Boxes’ and ‘Buttons’ below). Please upgrade order for more modifications as stated in the gig (Look ‘More Modifications’ below)

So I looked at your extras and all it says is “additional page”.

I would like a complete form but it is not giving me any options for that and it doesn’t describe what exactly you are offering. So I would have no choice but to not buy your gig.

There is simply no way that I can see of buying a complete fillable form PDF from you.


Thank you so much for your review comment and advice. Would you mind having a look again? More clarity this time.

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That looks great, Kevin - and seems to have increased your gig’s popularity. The only thing I’d say is that the main image is very difficult to read. I’d be inclined to put each image as one page of a pdf. You have 2 boxes for pdfs on each gig under the image boxes.

Oh, wait - another thing. Never offer satisfaction guaranteed or unlimited revisions. You’ve enough good revisions under your belt to stop doing that.


Thank a lot for your suggestion. Good to know it can do well further on. There is something in the first part I’ve highlighted, didn’t get you there. Does it mean one pdf for an image. Totally lost track at the part after this. Let me know. :slight_smile:

2nd part - agree. Maybe it’s time to do away with it.

You have an image with lots of forms on it as your main gig image. I mean, it’s hard to make a form eye catching, but still. That image, frankly, is ugly.

Put all the form images into a pdf, nicely presented. That would be better. And the main gig image? Well, I know what I’d do with it … but whether you have the tools/whatever to make it more attractive, I don’t know. No, I don’t have a gig for that …

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Okay, I see.

So it’s more like ‘this cluster of PDFs on main gig image doesn’t work at all. Another approach definitely needed. What that idea/approach is, not yet clear.’

Well, I’ll go look around what I can do. Anything from your experience about gig images, feel free to let me know.

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How do the images look now? Also the overall performance potential of the gig as seen by a buyer. Let me know.

Beautiful, Kevin - great job! And I love the second gig!

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For both, thanks a lot. I hope they perform well cause I did my best to lay out all things important in buyer’s view.

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