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Overall... My Fiverr experience

I’ve created my first account years ago. At this time I was not near my level of skill in graphic design so I was doing some line arts for 5$ and stuff. I got my first client and he ordered 10 times from me I got to level 1 seller but this was just a lucky day because after that first customer everything died. I knew I had to offer something more professional but I had to also learn ALOT. After some time I created my first logo gig and it had literally 0 orders after months and YES I tried promoting everywhere and perfecting my gig…etc. Then I said to myself, Okay let’s make it even more professional so again I had a couple of months to a year break. My account got deleted for inactivity but I’ve created a new one and it was maybe the best one so far.

After I created my first gig I got my order in a couple of days. After that, I was invited to a Rising talent. I thought, now I will get my gig starting with a couple of orders reviews finally after so many years is working… NOPE. Yes, I was rising talent and got hundreds of views and impressions but not a single order and the worst part is that it was only for a ONE SINGLE DAY. What was the whole point of this? I’ve seen people who were rising talents for days… And my gig died from hundreds of views to 0. I don’t know how is this possible and how the site works tbh.

And after months without anything after the rising removal badge, I updated my gig again. I don’t even know why I even spend money on this update. I know it will end up in the voids of Fiverr’s pages.

If anyone wants to see my gig:

I’m open to criticism.


I like your work. However: why should anyone order from you? Everything kept general. In a Fiverr section where there is the most competition. Nobody will order from you if they also get a logo design for $ 5.

Find a niche.


Wait I don’t understand your question. Are you asking, why anyone will order from me in the section with the biggest competition?

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Yep. I would not order from you.

There are a lot cheaper gigs. I like your work - really. But, imho i would specialise your gig more. Also i would reduce the price. After some couple of reviews i would raise it again.

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"The communication is very important so be sure to be online daily, so we can have a good connection and be sure that the end product matches all your demands. "

You are telling the buyer to be online daily? Nogo!

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“I’m a graphic designer with four years of background in this field, you can see my examples of work on my gig.”

4 years are nothing. Don´t tell that.

"The logo will NOT be made with templates or online/phone apps etc."

And here you go! That is your USP! This is why you are better! Highlight it! Put in in the Gig Title etc

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  • The first thing your buyers see when they come across your gigs is a still shot of leaves. I know that there is an opinion going around that having a video helps to increase sales but it wouldn’t occur to me to click on a preview that at a glance has nothing to do with logos, has everything to do with going through the forest (and then wait for 30 seconds for some logos to show up).

  • I’d add more designs with text featured more prominently. People want smaller design part, BIGGER font all the time. Your presentation of the third slide is slick and all but it’s not something people are realistically looking to buy.

  • Groove loop doesn’t need a logo grid. It’s 3 circles, one inside the other, come on.


You got no seller description.

I think that’s enough for a start. As you can see, there is a need for optimization.


… um, it means that the buyer will only be getting the logo. No previews of it as a part of the app showcased on a phone screen. It’s not a selling point, it’s a disclaimer.

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He´s getting the preview drawn by hand?

The only real “unique” way imho.

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Your video is good but like said above it takes a while for the main logo section to come up in it.
It starts with leaves and trees and then a section of video from the copyrighted TV show The Office (did you get their permission?), then more leaves and forest. Maybe the video thumbnail could be changed to be more about logos.

Also the fact that it shows the “source file” as only being available with the $60 option and above might put some buyers off.

It says “vector file” in the $30 option. Vector file is the source file (i.e., resizable, editable, etc.). I have no idea why OP is making the distinction between source file and vector file, actually.


Okay, okay. I will reply to all of your confusion and questions in a couple of minutes.

Okay, now for the 4 years. It is not that much but its not nothing… Are you thinking you cant perfect or at least be good at something and do it in the span for 4 years? I think you can. And if I had 10+ years or something like that i will probably be independent or maybe Fiverr pro. About being daily everyday. Well, maybe not every day but at least once in 1-2 days. I’m not saying it is mandatory. The video is like an ad or something like that. It’s kinda like telling what service I will be providing with a couple of “dumb jokes” i guess. About the 3 circles and the one inside the other. Well, :smiley: This is the logo design it can be simple as one dot. I know that the lenasemenkova’s designs are far more complex than mine and maybe she got a little irritated that I put a grid on it. Like its something planned, engineered and designed for months… No, it’s just how it’s displayed nothing more than that.

The seller description is being updated. About the 2 seconds of the Office TV show. I think it can be fair use BUT I might remove it. I think you should never give the source file because the vector is just a .ai document where you can edit and all that. But the source file is the file that I’ve been working on. All the ideas that I might use for something else and all the various different concepts and stuff so this is why is in the 60$ package and above. I think that’s all.

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You can’t just come up with definitions of what you “think” they are or should be. Source file when the logo is concerned = vector file. Everywhere, all the time. It’s what people expect to get and it’s what definition implies.

If you want to showcase and sell your process and ideas (although I’m not sure why would someone need to buy it for a $60 logo), call it something else.

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Maybe Fiverr’s help/what they show there should be different for Vector file and Source File. If they’re exactly the same there’s no need for 2 things to show there.

The help says:

The original, layered design file allows you to make future edits to the design.

If the logos are being created in Illustrator only it seems like they’d be the same thing (though I don’t have Illustrator).

They are also done in Photoshop and CorelDraw among other things. Illustrator is the most popular one but some people fully expect to receive a Photoshop vector when they say “source file”. So strictly specifying the formats you work in and can deliver is a must.

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“I think”
“It should be”

If you don’t want to improve - your problem.


Okay, Mr. antomtjvc bye. I don’t know why you are jumping into conclusions and thinking that I don’t want to improve. Thank you all for the useful tips I might consider some of them I might not but I will definitely try to improve my gig. If it doesn’t get lost in the hundreds of similar gigs.

I like how you asked for advice and took mine as “irritation” and inability to appreciate minimalism because you didn’t like it. :slight_smile:

The purpose of a grid is to show how a complex shape was built with different shapes so the client sees the logic behind it. 3 circles one inside the other don’t require a visual explanation and look like you’re trying to make the design more “serious” as if it wouldn’t stand on its own. People can see that. That’s why there are hundreds of logo gigs with questionable designs put into flashiest, most realistic mockups that no one buys.

But despite being open to criticism, you seem to be 100% confident in your gig, presentation and your skills as it is. So I guess, I’ll wish you luck with that.