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Overall... My Fiverr experience


I just checked out your Logo-Gig. Nice work. I think you could create one more gig offering simple advertising videos like the one you have made for your Gig. E.g. videos for social media.

Concerning other users’ advice I read here, about copyright, probably it is not such a good idea to use parts of someone’s series or movie in your Gig-video. And it would be a good idea to only focus on your logo designs in this Gig-video. People are always in a hurry nowadays. Most probably potential buyers skip your video because of the irrelevant introduction. About pricing, there is not much I would say. Every seller decides how much they value their own work and time. I can only offer one advice. You could think of something to offer in a lower price as a Base Gig Package and then have a higher price for the rest two Packages and Gig-Extras.

I hope that helps :slight_smile: