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Overall rating 4.6 it's good?

Hello! I’m new seller it’s my first time got negative review! it’s really sad!

I will do hand drawn vintage illustration t shirt design” is my gig.
Absolutely for sure, it’s gig for a vintage illustration design. then i got new order, the buyer placing an order. the buyer want to make it into WATER COLOR design. it’s really different with my style. because it’s already been ordered and i have to keep the order completion rate. so i must to work for him. i did my best for him. but? the review is so crazy!

i have completed 7 orders:
6 (5 Stars)
1 (2 Stars)
and over all rating is 4.6.
is this good? i still have 1 order queue, i will do my best for the next rating

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When it’s not under 4.5 yes it’s good

If a buyer places an order that’s not included in your gig, don’t complete the order! Contact Fiverr CS and let them know what happened so that they can cancel the order without it affecting your stats.

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I hope too, but i think 4.6 still low rating… :disappointed_relieved:

hi! thank you for your respond. i’m a new seller, this will be a lesson for me in the future. :disappointed_relieved: