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Overcharged by PayPal/Fiverr

I’m a buyer who has a seller working on a logo.
I purchased the $5 logo and added a gig for an extra $20. Total was $26.25
I checked my Credit Card statement today and PayPal/Fiver has charged me $50! WTF?
There is no way to contact anyone about this as far as I know. WTF do I do?

You should be able to see exactly what the gigs cost in your Fiverr Payments page like this: (If the link doesn’t work you can get there on the main Fiverr page under Payments and your username at the top.) You can also look at your PayPal account to see what charges you’ve had through PayPal.

Whatever the case, if you think it’s a Fiverr issue, just go to the Customer Support page and click submit a ticket in the upper right-hand corner. They can direct your inquiry to the right department.