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Overcharged customer how to refund money

I did a voice over job for a customer. It only took 1 day. But he was charged a 1 day price and a 3 day price. The total was $25.00. And customer gave me a $5.00 tip. I want to refund the $15.00. But can’t find how. have been selling for about 8 months. Please help, Thank you.

Did he ask for a refund? If not don’t worry about it. If he did tell him that you will offer him a free service the next time he wants one. Many clients don’t care about the money. Since he gave you a tip he feels you deserve something extra and he was pleased with the job you did. The amounts are really small and he probably doesn’t care.

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Well I messaged him and said" that I would offer a refund". I am being honest. And didn’t want to take advnantage of my customer. Being as that I messeaged him, what am I to do? Thanks

And no mam he didn’t as for a refund. Like I said, just trying to run an honest business transaction.

Since there is no way to refund part of the money you risk a cancellation. So your only option is to cancel the entire thing.


You shouldn’t have offered/promised the buyer something you’re not capable of doing. Fiverr doesn’t have a system in place to even refund part of the money once an order has already been placed (well, at least without it affecting your stats.).

You could have, instead, informed your buyer that since you had inadvertently overcharged them on this order, you were willing to waive the difference in amount off of the buyer’s next order with you. That would have been the best option, in my opinion.

However, now that you’ve promised your buyer a refund, you have no other option but to cancel the entire order - as suggested by @misscrystal. Unfortunately, it will affect your order completion percentage.


If you feel the need to do that.
Simply promise to offer a discount for the next order.

Never try that again, the cancellation will hurt you.

I love your honesty, it’s great!!
But you need to know how fiverr works.

ok. thanks I will. Thank you for your input.

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