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Overcrowded Category

Hello Dear Community,
I was wondering, do you think any category is overcrowded? If yes, which one do you think?
Also how can you say which is overcrowded or which is newly boomed category?

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Anyone who knows which subcategories aren’t overcrowded only knows this because they have chosen to sell there. Why would someone give you their insight on where there is low competition? Then people would start crowding it!

In any case, you can search subcategories yourself to see what isn’t crowded.

What is the point in me getting insights on low competition if I’m going to give them away to my competitors?

Also, why would you sell something in a subcategory regardless if you are proficient or not? Buyers don’t want amateur gigs created simply to leverage low competition. They want quality.

Don’t try to sell things unless you’re very proficient, not just because competition is low.


The “Public Relations” subcategory seems one of the least crowded. It only has 45 gigs, but it seems only available to Fiverr Pros as every single gig there is a Pro gig.

Since you do writing, maybe “Resume Writing” might be a good subcategory.

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I get many buyer’s contacting me to do manual rewrites, which is something I do not offer.

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