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Overdue gig options

So I am working on a project with a seller and they have missed the deadline for the gig. I think they are still going to be able to deliver it will just take a little longer than the gif specified…so I was wondering is there a time limit on how long the gig can stay in overdue with me having the option to cancel it?


It will 24 hours overdue. If seller do not deliver job in next 24 hours after deadline end. You’ll be able to cancel that itself :smile:

Fiverr will send you a message telling you the gig is overdue and will recommend to contact the seller to ask what’s up but you also get the option to cancel, which will affect your seller badly.

If you think they will deliver and are fine working with them until completion, your seller can send you a request to extend the delivery time, which you can accept, then there will be no penalties to the seller.

Some sellers seem to be not aware of that option, so if you want to be nice you could suggest them to send you a request for extension by (days you’re willing to extend), you can’t do that from your end, the seller needs to request it from their end.