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Overextended myself & learned a hard lesson

For God’s sake, always ask to see a script first when someone gets in touch for a quote, especially if they need expedited delivery :sob:

I had a buyer place an expedited order and it ended up being about 5x the size I expected it to be, so I had to rearrange my entire week to accommodate their deadline.

But a long-standing client of mine had a HUGE order due that same day, so I ended up recording way past my comfort point and my voice is now totally wrecked today, and I have no idea how I’m going to complete my work.

I’m just having a whinge, and yes I’ve learned my lesson.

Oh and that giant order I took on basically by accident? They need the entire thing to be re recorded.

Can’t cry because it’ll make my voice sound nasally :joy:


Sorry that happened to you. Is their re-record request reasonable or are they taking advantage?


Oh @gwyneth_galvin - that’s the pits … :hugs:


Let’s just say it’s a 1400 word order which has to be re-recorded from scratch because it’s not as fast as they wanted. There was no indication it needed to be a certain pace before recording.

At any rate, they’ve already spent a small fortune to get the order expedited, so I’m not going to charge more to re-record. They’re at least extremely nice and have been apologetic about the revision request. I’ll bend over backwards for most clients who are professional, to be honest!


I’m about to sound a bit nasally then…
Had a PITA client who I bent over backwards for and had seemed nice.
$100 order, couple of nonsense queries of my work as he is a non-native speaker and things didn’t sound right to him… He hit the revision button three times with these kinds of queries then on the 4th one he added more text to be worked on. Figured just to do it and be finished as it wasn’t a huge amount.
Delivered and then had another revision request threatening bad feedback, going to support etc if I didn’t cancel. Responded by calling out the BS and messaged support to tell them not to cancel it etc etc.
He requested a cancellation and I responded with my usual dry unengaging message (for when people want unfair cancellations) and somehow managed to hit Accept
So now the order page shows this contradiction:

Pass the Kleenex when you are done.


Uh-oh, such buttons without “Are you sure you …” pop-ups should be illegal, together with registration forms where you only input your password once without a field to confirm the password.


Only noticed because it seemed odd he hadn’t responded yet so I went to double check…

Oh this is the WORST! I’d be throwing my computer out of the window at this point…


Oh god. I cringed so hard reading this. RIP.


I had this exact same scenario with the exact same wordcount. They gave no indication how they wanted it to sound, then demanded the whole thing over again with ‘more energy’. If you wanted Billy Mays, you should have said you wanted Billy Mays!


Whenever I think this is going to happen, I include proof that whatever I have written is 100% readable and optimized using Grammarly and Yoast:


As well as a message explaining how some of my clients who seem not to be native English speakers have difficulty assessing the quality of my work. This is why I am including proof of quality. If necessary, I can also send a free plagiarism report.

Sadly, you still get occasional (insert expletive here) buyers who still want to argue.

Just be honest and ask to extend the delivery time on your order with your long-standing client. Think also about canceling the order that is currently causing you so much stress. Sometimes, the stress just isn’t worth it. This is especially true when a difficult order is impacting other deliveries.

Or don’t… :thinking:


I understand you and totally agree :slight_smile:

As a fellow VO, I feel your pain (both client wise and vocal health wise!)

If I receive an order from a new buyer who has a script over 1000 words, I always take a few minutes to record a quick 30-45 second sample and send it their way for tone/pacing approval prior to recording the entire script. Usually, I’m on the mark with the sample but if not, their feed back can be super helpful in understanding what they are ultimately looking for. This trick has saved me many “re-recordings”.

But it can be tough to do with buyers who need rush delivery as it requires them to be active in providing feedback. The great buyers are super receptive and it’s a small way to demonstrate going above and beyond.

If you’re still in a bind, consider outsourcing your audio editing to a seller in the audio mix/mastering category. Even though that cuts into your profits, if the order is large enough, it can really help alleviate stress. Just make sure you find someone reliable with a quick turnaround to ensure you meet your delivery deadline!

Hope this helps (and drink lots of tea/honey/lemon)!


:joy: I do this to myself every time my friend.

I’ve considered doing this in the past but have wondered if this invites buyers to be overly nit-picky if I sort of open the door for them to critique the reading - does that make sense? Have you found that to be the case?

I’ve definitely thought of doing this too! I think that the next time I get an influx of orders I may do this to save having to re-arrange my entire week.

God, this week was a nightmare. Thank god it’s over!


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Charge them for your time. It’s time you spend. That’s what they pay for.


Miss Crystal, this is something in my 3 years on Fiverr I still haven’t figured out how to put my foot down on :frowning: I’d say if there’s one thing I need to fix about my Fiverr routine, this would be it. I have extreme confrontation anxiety and I’ve always struggled with knowing for sure if I’m right or if the client is right. I doubt myself so often and end up getting imposter syndrome.


@gwyneth_galvin It’s a lot of fun to put your foot down. I completely understand where you are coming from as I used to be like you in that respect.
Us ladies have had few role models to look up to of tough women unfortunately. Once you master the art of having impenetrable boundaries, and putting your foot down, you experience a new sense of freedom and control. Give it a try.


I have this too, but I also have slight anger management issues.

When I get buyers who order and ask for more work than I offer or request revisions when none are necessary, I end up typing something like:

"I’m sorry, but my gig offers up to 500-words of content. It is very nice of you to invite me to write you a long-form 2,000-word article. However, I just double checked and it appears that I do not have the word MUG tattooed across my forehead. Neither do I say anywhere in my gig description that I will be your digital marketing bitch for $20."

Then I delete it, go for a walk, smoke five cigarettes, and just write what has been paid for before delivering this with a polite reminder that if you want 2,000-words, you have to pay.

I have never had a situation where a buyer has been anything other than hostile when I have asked for extra payment.

I don’t know. If you look at history, every major conquest in the world was the result of a woman. Queen Elizabeth I ordered the colonization of America. Queen Victoria built the British Empire and declared herself Empress of India. Catherine the Great consolidated what is now Russia and made Russia the then-dominant power in Europe.

It’s not that there is a shortage of tough women in history. In fact, in many cases, the female of the species really does turn out to be more deadly than the male.


I think it really boils down to a mindset thing. If a new buyer selects your voice for their project, they are already confident in your ability to provide them what they are looking for either based on your demo or live portfolio. So in most cases (for long scripts), it can really just be a useful tool to confirm the pacing and tempo, in an effort to eliminate the need to re-record a whole script.

With regards to charging them for your time involved with additional work i.e. re-recordings, if I’m working with a new buyer, I personally won’t charge them if they need something re-recorded. If I were a buyer, and a seller charged me twice for a project (or had perceived hidden costs), I would be inclined to not work with them again in the future. And as generally the goal is to get repeat buyers, I try to go above and beyond with an initial order to provide an experience that exceeds their expectations to make it easy to come back and work with me again in the future.

Of course the double edged sword is that you’re setting a precedent of doing “free” work which is why I’ll always state that my revision policy does not generally include full re-recordings to make it clear this is the exception and not the rule.


It’s how some of us were raised to be polite, nice, non confrontational etc. Good little girls. Of course if you have a domineering mother they want you to be that way. It takes time and experience to overcome that early programming. But we still have to conform to standards of politeness, so it’s interesting.

As a business person one has to not allow ourselves to be taken advantage of.