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Overextended myself & learned a hard lesson

I really understand this. You are the boss. You are the expert. Not the client. Let this be the practice you need to learn that. Realize that you make yourself terribly vulnerable if you do not stop them from running whatever manipulation on you they choose. Many of them will do just that.


For freelancers, adopting the less well known but far more realistic mantra “the customer is seldom right” is a must I think.
I find that the more authoritative I am about an order the less issues and the better the results. Of course I listen to reason and rationale from the customer but if something doesn’t make sense then I say so and say why.


Every day someone tries to do something or get me to do something that isn’t what I offer. Today someone wanted one gig that would actually have been two of my gigs for the price of one.

I don’t see how anyone can do this without being authoritarian about what happens and what they will or won’t do.

Some of these people are extremely pushy too.


Not to stray terribly far off topic, but I am considering taking a more authoritative tone and stance in my offering to avoid situations like OP is talking about.

From those that take an authoritative stance about their orders and business, do you find that by being given clear constraints, clients are more often manageable and pleased by the results?

I had to double-check but, as I thought, Eoin said authoritative (along the lines of teaching, guiding), not authoritarian (exerting control through power and coercion), the words sound similar enough but the semantics are quite different.

That said, I usually find clients respond very well to being authoritative (not authoritarian, that’s the prerogative of those buyers we all love, who try to intimidate you into doing more work than they paid for by threatening with bad reviews and whatnot :wink: ). If you can back it up with your expertise, experience and stringent explanations, it should be just fine.


This is fair! I should go back and edit. In fact, I think I will.

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Yes it runs like clockwork, whereas if you let the buyer call the shots it’s the beginning of ongoing frustrations.


I love this forum, y’all always give such great insight. :heart: