Overly sensitive or Is It Deception - Your Name


Since I can’t name “names”, I hope I can get my point across.

I was looking through the new gigs in my niche, looking to see if newbies had decided to rip off my gig descrption again. I do this one to two times a week just to protect myself. Well, I found something a little disturbing. But, I’m not sure if I am being overly sensitive or if it’s a cause for concern. You see, what I found was someone offering the same gig as mine… with a variation of my name. Seriously, NOT THAT MUCH DIFFERENT. I can’t name names but you’ll get the drift.

A friend of mine said what she’s doing is trying to mislead people in thinking that they’re ordering from me - a new gig perhaps - and not getting me. She’s had one order so far, luckily a 5.0.

Sure, it could have been innocent when she made up the name. But, still… What would you be? Annoyed or feeling sensitive? And, would Fiverr CS do anything about this? I mean there’s no much differnce between mine and hers… not much at all. And, it could be easy for someone to misconstrue that she is me - that I created a new gig, especially if peope are not looking closely at the name.

What do ya’ll think?


That’s tough. I guess it all depends on how close they copied you. If you send a ticket to CS, it could go either way.

I would do it anyway, especially if you had someone else look at it and they agree that it is a copy of you. I would put in a ticket with CS and ask that they at least look into it. Worst that happens is they do nothing and things are just as they are now. But, they may remove it and it’s "score one for the good guys."

If CS decides to not do anything, I would add a “Accept No Substitutes” somewhere in your bio and gig description. Subtle hint to the other seller that you know they are out there. (I’m sure they are keeping tabs on you, since they have copied you. Probably checking to see if you add any gigs or anything that they can do as well.)

I realize this isn’t an extremely helpful tip, but it’s a thought. Good Luck!


If it’s any consolation, her gig description has serious grammar errors. She doesn’t even know when an “I” should be capitalized. At least she’s not copying your description or picture! It’s possible that she doesn’t even know about you. I’ve purchased a lot of writing gigs, and I’ve only noticed you around the forum.


I would keep an eye on it. See if the person emulates you any further. If so, I would then contact CS and see if they can help. Can’t hurt to at least ask.


I actually got a response back… Basically, it read:

We are sorry for the delayed response. Your point is well taken. I forwarded your request for the further revuew by our Trust & Safety team. Please note, we will not disclose any actions taken here based on our Privacy Policy.

I don’t want people think I hate competition… far, far from it. I love competition. I thrive on it. And, I try to be the best. In saying that, however, I stressed to Fiverr that I DID NOT create this persona…and I wanted them to know that. I didn’t want them thinking that I made another count for some reason. On top of that, buyers could be misled into thinking she is me when, in fact, I am not.

And, I did note that it’s possible she knew nothing of me. It’s not like I’m the most popular person here but I’ve noted in the last month 10 people have stolen my gig description or picture. And, that does raise some flags for me on this end.

We’ll see if anything happens. But, atleat Fiverr KNOWS that I am not that person. SO my account is in good standing with them. I was worried about that…

Thanks for ya’lls views!


I agree it should not be done but the question I would ask myself, should I care. Usually if it is early in the game and the gig emulating mine is going nowhere, I let it ride. I may even send a quick message to the gig owner saying “not working out for you, is it?”.

Maybe I’m being too easy, but there are so many battles to be fought on Fiverr that I reserve my time and energy for when it is needed.