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Override the need for a nudge

Quick question. Is there a way for a seller to override the need for a nudge? I know that nudges are usually important and needed, but I’m running into several situations where asking for a nudge, when the customer knows its not needed, makes me look inept. Like, making a customer reply with a few words of gibberish to release a tip gig, or, one I’m running into more commonly, is when I ask the customer who has underpaid, to order additional gigs, and they “accidently” open a whole new gig to pay for what they requested and should have paid for in the original order. I’ve had situations where customers become unresponsive at this point, and because I cannot get them to trick Fiverr into thinking they have provided the info “needed” for the new order, I don’t get paid.

If this question is not clear, please ask clarifying questions. Thank you in advance.

This sounds like something Fiverr needs to fix.

For my “tip” gig, I write a buyer’s instructions which says something along the lines of “thank you very much for your tip…because Fiverr treats this as an order, would you please respond to this by sending me a message? It doesn’t have to say anything much, but it will move the process along. After that, I’ll send you a special thanks!”. I then “deliver” a special “thank you” photo I made for this gig. So far, none of my buyers seems to mind doing this.

If I need a buyer to pay more for a gig, I try to explain the best way to add-on to their order, but that if they have any problem and need to place another order, that I’ll need them to activate the order with a message response to my instructions and they can just say “hi!”. Again, they haven’t seemed to mind, so far.