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Overview of custom offers


Unless I’m missing something, there is no list of outstanding custom offers somewhere. It’s manageable to track them by going through my message, but a list with outstanding offers and expiry date would be nice. :slight_smile:


I’m curious about how you would use this list. I do a lot of custom offers but never thought to need a list of them.


I´d like a list of that too, plus, or even more so, I´d very much like to see an expiry date, and a withdraw button!, on the, existing, list of custom offers sent to BRs too.


The main reasons are:

  • See how much work is likely to come in in the coming days
  • Have a better overview of which users I need to ‘nudge’
  • Every once in a while close the offers where I, intentionally or not, didn’t put an expiry date and that weren’t accepted. This is important to do before going on a vacation. I had somebody accepting a custom offer I made a month ago, which I wouldn’t be able to finish if the person had accepted the offer next week, because then I will be away.
  • If I’d be really busy, a better overview would help me to decide which orders to withdraw


Such a feature would come in handy. All my orders have 24-hour delivery, and I have occasionally had to pull all-nighters when someone accepted an offer I had forgotten about when I was already swamped.


VERY useful suggestion! I would warmly welcome a list of custom offers I have sent.