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Overwhelming Work

All these is overwhelming. I already studied 12 years of my life.
I’d like to have buyers and work. But Fiverr is a 24/7, sun-sat work. I’m doing all what I’ve been told but still doesn’t work for me.


I have heard that some sellers make themselves unavailable on the weekends. You could do that. :wink:

Monday is my busiest day, and weekends are slow, so I am thinking of making myself unavailable for the weekends. Or at least for Sunday.


Jumping over here to continue discussion, so as to stay more on-topic.

If you’re overwhelmed in learning a new platform, it might be that you’re trying to learn in the wrong manner. Would you find videos easier than an article?


Wrong approach.

You should not even try to be online 24/7, and the very concept is unhealthy.

Stop and take a piece of paper and write down your true real skills on one side, on other side write down what people want to pay for.

And then try to find things on those two list that are matching and offer that here on Fiverr.

If your skills are lacking educate yourself. Go to gym, exercise. Enjoy day.

Fiverr is just an advertisement site for freelancers, it is not an employer that will give you salary at the end of the month.

You need to come up with more solutions in how to bring income.


Thank you for your message and advice. I’m an Industrial Engineer, a Professor of Computer Graphics Design and Professor of Digital PrePress, teaching Graphic Design to student at College. So education is not an issue for me.

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Then try to teach online courses and charge that, make YouTube channel and tutorials, use Udemy and similar sites, a lot of options.

If you work at university, why Fiverr?


Because of many reasons, I lived in Canada, Chile, Australia, back to Chile and now in the US. One of the most important reasons is that I got married.

You work on Fiverr because you got married?


But why Fiverr? What led you to try to sell on Fiverr? Where did you first hear about it? In what context?

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I work at Fiverr because it’s more comfortable to work from home. One of the options was Fiverr, but I’m looking on other platforms.

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The OP is a level 2 seller with 123 reviews and recent delivery 6 days ago.


So, you’re no longer teaching students at a college?

I did it for 14 years. Not anymore, but I have the knowledge from those years. The college I was at, got on fire and the owner decided to close it for good.

Why did you deleted your best selling GIGs?

Sorry to hear about it.

What about your other topic, where you said that the reality is you don’t have to work, just need to do something?

Has that changed? And if you still don’t have to work, why Fiverr if it’s so frustrating? Wouldn’t some kind of a hobby be better, something to keep you occupied without pressure? Plus you wouldn’t have to spend on software, licenses, subscriptions, and so on?

I mean, if you’re feeling miserable on Fiverr and don’t actually need Fiverr to put food on the table, why not just do something else (and something more fun)?


I just read your other thread that @catwriter posted a link to. Maybe you could sign up for the Seller Plus Program. If you are accepted you get a manager who helps you to learn how Fiverr works and how to improve your gigs and profile to hopefully get more sales, be busier, and less bored.


Glad you are having that experience, for me it is still a mystery. Cut down on sales by 80% after joining and applying suggested changes.image

:scream: That is not m experience at all! It is a bit past the middle of April and I am ahead of both February and March.


Hello and thank you for you message. It’s pretty easy, my husband makes a lot of money, enough for both. We travel the world and have a great life. I work not for the money, I work because I need to keep my mind and time busy.
Besides I love to teach design students, I would do that for free.

In a company I was making around $3,000 per month. That was good enough, but after six years they terminated my position. So I starting look for platforms and my husband said, look I have a job for you, I need to cut off recorded phone calls? I didn’t how to do it, but I learned how to use Adobe Audition and I started to earn $700+ from Fiverr. But because of COVID my sells here went down to zero.

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