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Own description TOS allowed?


Is it allowed to set up a small gig TOS as long as it’s not violate Fiverr’s TOS?

I would like to have it like this:

For this GIG it’s mandatory to contact me first before placing an order.
If you are placing the order without contacting me beforehand, then I will deliver you a random design on my own and you have to accept this.

Contacting me means to message me and tell your needs, also provide me with enough informations about the problem needed to be solved.

Could I set up something like that in my description?

Thanks in advance, Valon

No, this won’t pass.

What you can do is set up mandatory requirements.


This was a bit to read, but I got the point.
Setting up some hurdles to sorting out between truly interested clients and the red flag one.
I will set up the hurdles. This could be take me some time.

Thanks very much.

You can’t do that, it’ll get you banned.

You can keep the !!!Please contact me before the purchase!!! part, then review orders that were placed with no prior contact on an individual basis and take those you can complete and cancel those you can’t. I.e., you can have “contact before purchase” clause in your gig terms but you’ll need to actively enforce it and to be willing to take a hit because cancellations like these will hurt your stats. That’s what I do.

While doing that, you’ll also encounter a very fun and memorable group of people who’ll go:

  • Yes, I read your gig terms but I don’t care;
  • You trying to enforce your gig terms on me is bad customer service and since I AM THE CUSTOMER, your objections are irrelevant;
  • What gig terms?

All that because fiverr doesn’t consider “contact before purchase” mandatory or enforceable across the platform. Some even might say, it contradicts the very foundation of what fiverr stands for.


Yes. I changed all my GIGS last week, all new requirements. And tomorrow I had an order by person who clicked yes on all and did not contact me, did not select proper package, nothing, just went and bought my GIG.

I delivered and immediately after delivery I sent extra offer:

So far I had to use this twice and it worked both times. The buyer just left.

So my plan is when I suspect client is going to ask for revision that is not included in original price together with delivery I send custom offer. So if he wants that revision he has to either pay or pretend to be ignorant, decline offer and ask for revision for free fully knowing he can’t get it for free.

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I see.

Could I set my pricing for example at 700 USD and mention this in my description, that if the client get in touch with me via inbox and we discuss the problem to be solved so I will always make an custom offer?

This is also against TOS and could get you banned. You need to be clean with your pricing. Plus if you set your price 700$ who is going to contact you to get custom for 200$, how would they know?

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Yeah, misleading custom offers is also a quick reason to get banned. And I doubt you’ll get a lot of inquiries with the starting price of $700.

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Ok, I thought if I mention this clear and loud in my description, that after the clients message me and clarify all the requirements that I will always make an custom offer instead of the basic, standard of 700 USD.
By doing this , my intention is just to minimize the risk to face some red flag clients.

I’m glad to have more insight now.
Thank you both very much.

Set up a few gigs. Something simpler where you’ll be willing to be a bit more accommodating. Something more complex where you’ll be enforcing the gig terms more aggressively. See how it goes.

I have a logo gig, for instance, and it’s a bloodbath in there because the rule is “if you’re not willing to explain yourself, you go bye-bye”. But it’s not my main gig and I can afford that.

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If we get a dollar for every buyer that reads description we would be a very poor group of people.

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I would probably remove the word “propose” from the gig description. Because “proposal” implies something you can reject (and try to get a refund). Quite a few of the cancellation attempts I’ve encountered included a variation of “We didn’t like your proposal”.

Cool designs, btw.

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I will do it and test it out with some more gig’s by time.
I’m still testing with my 2 gigs. These 2 are not really what I intended to have as my main gigs.

yes, right.

I will need some time to build up somthing to minimize the risk of facing unpleasant situations.

@lenasemenkova @marinapomorac
Thank you very much.