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Own up to your mistakes!

I completely screwed up with a customer and did not deliver on time due to the fact I had to work a much larger project out of state. Which is not the customers fault, it’s mine. I owned up and offered to complete the gig for free. The client who is upset with me at this point, felt that my honesty and owning up to my error was satisfactory and told me not to worry just knock it out the park for them, and that we can work something out for the next gig. Moral of the story always accept responsibility for your actions.

Thank you for reading my story, now go back to work!!!

Accepting your faults & recognizing a mistake is always the best policy - this gives your client the idea that you’re a professional. If only more sellers could apply this simple strategy on their ventoring…

Bravo anyway :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, some clients don’t understand that sellers have other things in life besides fiverr…

I also meet a lot of good clients! Enjoy working with them!

Reply to @psychicninadia:

I coudn’t agree with you more! Hopefully soon you can build up sales and earn level 1!

Joe |2014

Reply to @madmoo: well there was no BS to see through so yea it did work out.

Reply to @dtes76: yea that’s a comman problem I run into…. Every buyer thinks we just sit here waiting for orders to come in… This is a freelance site, meaning I get to it in my free time, that’s why you are paying a fraction of the price.

Reply to @spqrdesign: Depends on what you offer. Sometimes, when you offer something like game design (like I did a couple months back) the customers that purchase your gig are the “doesn’t have a job (or a life) want to get rich quick” kind of customers. They tend to not be that forgiving, and often get really mad if you make a single mistake of if the grandeur of their expectations is not completely satisfied.