Own Website address



I have given my own website address in the gig description and Fiverr have turned my gig into pending approval section and they needed me to update my Gig description and get that web address out of that description.Why is this so?We can’t use our own website address to showcase our work?


Nope, not allowed. You can only put any of these:


(as long as there’s no contact information)


But i have seen people posting their own website addresses in their profile and gig description and they are working fine.


Well, this just hasn’t been noticed by Fiverr, yet.


May be or there being the Top Rated Seller is not letting the Fiverr do such notice. :stuck_out_tongue:


Well then, I’m glad I didn’t update mine to include my website; though I did ask a buyer to use it in the credits on his YouTube videos going forward (he was using my “official website,” not my freelance page, lol).


It seems an amazing idea. :smile: