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Ownership rights

So,It’s me again!
Can i Own ownership rights of 2 differ logo designs with the same titles to buyer?


i don’t quite know what you mean, but i believe that since you sold the copyright to the buyer via a gig extra, that everything that you deliver during the transaction, including drafts and earlier concepts will belong to the buyer. that’s why you don’t send sauce files and only send low rez versions till the end

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My mean is like, I created logo “logovelly” in 2 diffrent versions.Buyer now asking that he wants to own both designs,Can i own him both or it 'd be one?

Sry,if it is sill confusing u…

I had recently created a logo with 2 different designs for a buyer…he is saying that he wants to own both designs…Can i own him both or it’d be one with the logo.?

If you created both, you can transfer ownership of both to the buyer.

Yes,this is what i were wanting to know…Thank you very much for replying :slight_smile: